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Ensure your family has one less thing to worry about. When your family is dealing with your loss, the last thing you want to do is burden them with your final medical bills and funeral costs. Preparing now with Final Expense insurance lets you leave behind only fond memories.

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How much could your final expenses cost?

Transfer of Deceased$250
Professional Services$1,817
Casket & Vault$3,490
Memorial Service$125
Facilities Charge$845
Graveside Service$325
Other cash payments, including cemetery plot, headstone, etc.$2,500
TOTAL COST$10,255*

Although hard to talk about, final expenses can be a major burden to your family and loved ones. Final expense insurance from Transamerica will help protect your family from unforeseen expenses should the unthinkable happen.


Why choose Transamerica Final Expense insurance?

If you think your age or health may make it difficult to qualify for standard life insurance rates, Transamerica’s Immediate Solution, 10 Pay Solution, and Easy Solution plans may still be able to help you take care of final expenses. All three plans offer advantages like these:grandfather-grandson-sailing-work-390x244

  • Coverage begins when your life insurance policy is issued, with no waiting period.
  • Premiums do not increase with age.
  • Policy will not be cancelled as long as you make the premium payment (policies are subject to a two year contestability period).

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Social Security only pays a lump final expenses sum of $255 for those that qualify.