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Mutual Funds

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Investing Basics

What is a mutual fund? An investment vehicle that is made up of a pool of money collected from many investors for the purpose of investing in stocks, bonds, alternatives and similar assets.

Why should I invest in mutual funds? Mutual funds are a simple way to help build a well-rounded portfolio of stocks, bonds, and alternative investments. By pooling your money with other investors, you have access to a broad spectrum of investment with professional management. 

Transamerica MLP & Energy Income

Learn more about this comprehensive approach to energy infrastructure investing. Transamerica MLP & Energy Income seeks long-term growth of capital while providing current income.

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Seek a better balance for income

Transamerica Strategic High Income shifts between bonds and dividend-paying stocks to offer a dynamic approach to finding income and providing long-term capital appreciation.

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Discover value beyond borders.

Transamerica International Equity (Class I) has a 10-plus year track record of outperformance.

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The 2014 Big Picture

Put your investments into historical context. The Big Picture looks at political events, interest rates, and housing, gold, and oil prices. See how various investments have stacked up over time.

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High Rise Buildings - Mutual Funds - Financial Advisors

Transamerica Income & Growth

Built to generate income and grow your investments.

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Lessons from history…

Can teach us a lot. Take a quick glance at how specific investments have performed during rising rate periods and see how Transamerica can help.

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Learning Center

Not sure where to start? Check out our learning center to get a better understanding of investing and what it can do for you. 


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Bond investors: take action

Learn how alternatives may help in a rising rate environment.

96% of advisors said their clients invest in alternatives*

edelivery - mutual funds


eDelivery allows you to receive your shareholder documents electronically.

By enrolling in eDelivery, you are notified via e-mail when shareholder documents are available for viewing on our website such as:

  • Account Statements
  • Financial Transaction Confirmations
  • Prospectuses
  • Annual and Semi-Annual Reports
  • Tax Forms

The benefits of eDelivery include:

  • Save Time - get e-mail notifications days before documents might be received through the postal service
  • Reduce Clutter - view documents online to reduce the amount of paper for filing, shredding, or recycling
  • Lower Environmental Impacts - environmentally friendly by cutting paper waste and transportation
  • Added Security - access your information electronically through our secure website link

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