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Transamerica’s Internship Program is a dynamic and evolving program that provides college students the opportunity to gain hands on experience in a true business environment.

The Internship Program employs 100-120 interns each year and includes the following departments: Accounting, Finance, Real Estate, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, and Actuarial Science. Internships can range from three months to twelve months, and may offer full-time or part-time scheduling.


Central College
Transamerica Life & Protection, Product Pricing

“My internship at Transamerica was an excellent experience that was both challenging and fulfilling. The projects that I worked on were the same as any full-time employee, and they increased my knowledge of the life insurance industry while strengthening my technical, analytical, and communication skills. By using the same tools and processes that actuaries use on an everyday basis, I acquired skills that could only be obtained through real-world experience. The atmosphere and culture at Transamerica was extremely comfortable, which allowed me to learn and grow as an individual.”


Market Consistent Source of Profit Tool

I developed a source of profit tool for Transamerica’s market consistent framework. The tool pulled data from our modeling software, ran the data through various calculations, and created a report that broke up product-specific cash flows for Transamerica’s market consistent framework. This project was extremely valuable as it gave me my first real-world experience with our modeling software, and increased my technical skills in Excel, Access, and VBA.

Interest Rate Sensitivity Tests

Extensively through our modeling software, I performed interest rate sensitivity tests that analyzed how certain life insurance products respond to various sensitivities, twists, and shocks within the market. After performing theses tests, I was able to analyze the reasonableness of our model results against expectations. This project taught me a great deal about our modeling software and further developed my knowledge of Transamerica’s products and the life insurance industry.

Rate Cap Analysis

In order to update a workbook that analyzes policy caps (the maximum rate that Transamerica would credit their policyholders), I analyzed policy economics and used a tool that set a cap for our products based upon different asset-based charge and floor combinations. With these results, I was able to create an analysis that allowed Transamerica’s Marketing Department to easily reference proper cap and floor combinations. This project educated me about some of the specifics of our life insurance products and showed me how actuarial work translates to other business units.


Iowa State University
Transamerica Life & Protection, Product Pricing

“My experience as an intern at Transamerica has been amazing, being able to combine actual work experience in the office with what I have learned back in Ames has been invaluable. Getting the opportunity to work with experienced business professionals has helped me learn so much more than what I could have picked up through class alone. Through my work with the skilled analysts and asset managers in the LIHTC department, I have grown tremendously in my knowledge of finance and real estate. The internship program at Transamerica is well worth your time.”


Quarterly financial reviews of LIHTC properties with analysts/asset managers and audit reviews

Each property sends us both quarterly financial reports and rent rolls as well as an audit once a year. Each quarter I was the first member of the TCAM team to review the quarterly financials and then set up a meeting with either an analyst or asset manager to review my findings and address any issues with a particular property. Audit reviews were a similar process, but a little more effort was involved. For audits we had to reconcile what the property had been sending us each quarter with what an outside auditor found to be their financial position. These “routine” tasks gave me a very good idea of how property management works as well as getting to know the balance sheet and income statement better.

A disposition presentation of a LIHTC property from our portfolio

My longest term project during the internship was preparing for my disposition presentation. We keep LIHTC properties for a specified period of time, I was given a property in California to review. I collected and read many legal documents, to see what restrictions we had concerning this deal and I ultimately gave a recommendation as to what we should do with this property as it ends its life with us and how we are going to dispose of the asset. Some of the documents I am now familiar with include LURA’s or Regulatory Agreements, Ground Leases, Loan Documents, and Limited Partnership Agreements or Operating Agreements. I also had to take into account exit taxes and different scenarios of what the property could be making under different rent / tenant conditions. This large task was helpful in learning how a Partnership dissolves and how the process of disposing real estate assets from a portfolio works.


University of Northern Iowa
Talent Development Marketing, Internship Program

“This internship at Transamerica not only provided me the foundation to my professional career, it also gave me the experience of a lifetime. At the start of my internship, I had the basic business skills I learned through school and different student organizations. As my internship progressed, I was given the opportunity to further develop my professional skills alongside experienced and caring mentors that guided me along the way.

"The professionals at Transamerica care about your success and are passionate about their work. I’ve had the privilege to meet professionals across the company, learn about what they do, and speak to them personally about my own work and ambitions. The internship program exposes you to new skills and tools you can use in your daily work through workshops, team luncheons, and activities. Transamerica’s Internship Program has given me the competitive edge in my business career and would highly recommend the program."


Update Marketing Materials for Program

With our brand transition from AEGON to Transamerica, I was responsible for the development and revision of all promotional materials used for the Internship Program. These materials included new brochures, recruiting stands, table banners, and take away items for the fall and spring career fairs. I worked closely with our Graphics team to create these new materials and developed new relationships which facilitated the progress of our projects. The tasks for making these new promotional items included setting up conference calls, presenting marketing concepts and ideas, communicating the vision for the project and setting time sensitive deadlines. This project showed me how to better communicate my marketing ideas in a professional environment as well as how to communicate effectively in a group setting.

Transamerica Internship Program Web site www.transamerica.com/internships

I was responsible for the creation and implementation of a new Web site for the Transamerica Internship Program. I researched and developed a design layout that was easy for users to navigate and embodied the Transamerica brand. I then created relationships between IT, Compliance, Graphics, and Branding to develop a plan for implementation of the Web site. I was the liaison between all of these departments and communicated updates and deadlines. This website is now used as a recruiting tool for students who are looking for internships at Transamerica and introduces them to the program. This project improved my task management skills as well as taught me how important problem solving is when faced with challenges.


University of Northern Iowa
Credit Research

“My internship experience here at Transamerica has been nothing but fruitful. I learned much more than I ever could from my textbooks or classroom examples from professors as I learned first-hand experience about applying the things I learned in class and at the same time increase my knowledge in fixed income investments, finance, accounting and economics. I have responsibilities which allow me to take pride in what I do and to use time-management skills to get tasks done in a timely and efficient manner. Transamerica has gone beyond the normal expectations of training young interns like myself but to also help me expand my network through TPN (Transamerica Professional Network) and Intern Activities that allowed me to reach out and learn more from other professionals within Transamerica."


I am working closely with several of AEGON’s credit analysts. In my latest project, I assisted the energy analyst in developing financial models for independent energy companies; mainly exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. Specifically, we utilized historical financial statements, company production guidance, press releases, and internal commodity price assumptions to recreate the income statement and make forward looking financial projections. The analyst will then use this data along with other quantitative and qualitative factors to make investment recommendations for our clients’ portfolios.

Each quarter, I work with analysts in the dissemination of the analyst research to traders consisting of industry and company specific research that may be utilized in making trading-related decisions.

I have presented three credit recommendations to the credit research analysts in my department over the duration of my internship. This includes presenting a company tear sheet, financial model, breakdown of the capital structure, projecting financials and performance and a recommendation to buy, hold or sell the bonds of the company I presented.


University of Iowa
Program Services, Project Management Team

“My internship experience developed both my technical skills, with requirements gathering and web page creation, as well as my soft skills, with presentations to leadership and meeting facilitating. I also got to see and do much of what real project managers at Transamerica do on a daily basis. Finally, the internship program offers great opportunities to develop career skills, meet other interns learn more about Transamerica.”


Windows XP to Windows 7 OS upgrade. I worked with Anita Volk (project manager) and Molly Leavy (another intern). It’s a fairly large project that started before I my start date and will continue after I leave so the piece of the project that I worked on was application rationalization, determining which applications are business critical and need to be upgraded or maintained and which can be retired or consolidated.

TS/PS Goals Dashboard: SharePoint website developed for managers and leadership as a central location to view key performance indicators (KPIs). This helps manages and leadership better track if their teams are on track towards their goals. For this project I did requirements gathering, project documentation, scheduling, meeting facilitating and presenting status updates to leadership and management. I completed this project with the help of 5 other IT interns.

Vendor Management website: SharePoint website developed as a central location for management and associates to view resource information and metrics. This site helps managers better utilize vendor resources. For this project I did requirements gathering, project documentation, scheduling, meeting facilitating and presenting status updates to leadership and management. I also created web pages for the site on SharePoint. I completed this project with the help of 5 other IT interns.


Coe College
Asset Operations/Investment Division

Keys to having a successful internship:

“Have a competitive nature. Know that this internship is only a building block for what lies ahead. Always accept new opportunities, if you catch yourself not being challenged enough ask to take on a specific task. By not being challenged enough means that you are only selling yourself short of your internship experience. Challenge equals the opportunity to learn, to grow and to achieve”

“Consistently set goals. Go above and beyond building your network. If an opportunity arises never be afraid to attack it, because you never know what doors it might open.”


Facility Budget Reports

During the month of February, I helped assist the Realty Accounting Analysis team on their annual facility budget process. This process consists of about 40 reports of facility that require budgeting for the following year. These reports are sent out to the property managers at the beginning of each year. The property managers then send the reports of their proposed budgets to the analysis team for approval. The output of the budget report then goes to corporate accounting and then to the rest of AEGON USA. This facility report process impacts everyone in the company. I was assigned to assist one of the analysts in preparing the reports to be sent out. I was informed that this was very tenuous work because of all of the copying, pasting and moving the prior years’ information and pulling actual years information from the Yardi software. I was told that if I could think of a faster way to do this, then I would be more than welcome to provide assistance. After evaluating the process, I implemented a Macro in the Excel reports that basically converted 2 weeks of work into an automated process allowing the computer to do the work with the push of a button.

SOX Self Monitoring (Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance)

I worked in the Real Estate Accounting Operations Department on the Audit Team. Anything that goes through our department goes through our team. So I got to see a great overview of what the Real Estate Accounting Department does.

3rd Party Accounting Matrix

Other audits mostly deal with risk management, internal control review and 3rd party accounting. If one of our 3rd parties has an independent auditor that auditor would usually send a SSAE16 or a SAS70 that assesses the internal controls. However, if the third party does not have an internal auditor, then we perform an internal key controls audit.

Benefits of Interning

Lessons & Lunch

Intern lessons are a great chance for our intern community to get together, have lunch, and most importantly, learn some new things. Hear the history of the Transamerica from Senior Management, or brush up on business dining etiquette. Previous topics included:

  • Workplace best practices
  • Dining etiquette
  • History of Transamerica
  • Division structure and strategies
  • Team building
  • Keys to interviewing
Social Activities
  • Interns can join in the fun at our various social activities throughout the year. Activities may include the Annual Intern Golf Invitational, bowling after work, ice cream socials, visit to a local pumpkin patch, and much more.
  • Discounted tickets: Employees and interns may purchase discounted tickets for Adventureland and Lost Island Water Park.

Allowances are granted on a discretionary basis and are contingent upon prior approval. Interns who are eligible will receive only one allowance (housing or mileage) not both.

  • Qualifying interns may receive a housing allowance to assist with living expenses incurred over the course of the internship. School and permanent residences must be at least 50 miles from the Cedar Rapids area and students must be working at least 35 hours per week.
  • Previous interns have used the following websites to view potential residences
  • Qualifying interns may receive a mileage allowance to assist with travel expenses incurred over the course of the internship. Residences must be at least 30 miles from Cedar Rapids area and students must be working at least 24 hours per week.
  • Fitness centers are located in the Edgewood, North Point II, and Transamerica Financial Park facilities. Each contains a variety of cardio and strengthening equipment. Our Wellness Program also offers many free services. Interns are encouraged to take advantage of them.
  • Orientation: Wellness coordinators would be happy to give you a tour of the facilities and a brief explanation of the programs offered.
  • Health screening: Body composition and blood pressure screenings are available daily and at no cost. Blood profiles, blood drives, skin cancer screenings, and flu shots are available periodically
  • Education materials: Handouts, brochures and other items on a variety of health topics are available.
  • Personal consultations: Guidance is available on exercise programming, nutrition education, stress management, etc
  • Fitness classes: Available on-site during the lunch hour and early evening. Classes have included step aerobics, abdominal and lower body toning, resistance training, weight training and walking.


  • Cafeterias (accepting cash, credit, or debit cards) are located at all major buildings. Hours include:
    • Breakfast - 6:45- 8:00 a.m
    • AM Break - 9:15-10:30 a.m
    • Lunch - 11:15 a.m.-1:15 p.m


Transamerica has approximately 30 exciting Accounting Internship opportunities available within various departments of the organization. The Transamerica Internship Program includes the following accounting areas:

Corporate Finance

Spring Summer Fall
Average number of interns 4 3 3
Number of hours per week 40 40 40

Internship will provide experience in one of the following disciplines:

  • IFRS Reporting – assist in the preparation of consolidated Transamerica reporting on an IFRS basis for submission to the internal management and overseas parent company
  • Regulatory and Capital reporting – assist in the preparation of annual statements, separate account statements, and related audited financials for submission to state regulatory agencies and financial rating agencies.
  • Corporate Reporting – assist in the coordination of the Transamerica annual budget for the Corporate division. Also includes quarterly reporting for internal management for the Corporate division.
  • Derivatives Reporting – assist in the preparation, reporting and analysis of derivative results across the company, on an IFRS, Statutory, GAAP, and Regulatory basis. Also includes exposure to hedge accounting fundamentals.

Corporate Tax

Spring Summer Fall
Average number of interns 5 6 2
Number of hours per week 40 40 40

Internship will provide experience in working as part of one team that is responsible for all advisory and reporting tax matters for Transamerica. Primary responsibilities during an internship will include:

  • Preparation of a variety of federal, state and local tax returns for both insurance and non-insurance companies.
  • Computation and reconciliation of tax effects from our large and diversified investment portfolio.
  • Collection, organization and interpretation of tax law to determine impact on tax returns as well as external and internal divisional financial statements.
  • Computation of quarterly financial statement tax accruals and tax basis balance sheets under IFRS, GAAP, Statutory and Market Consistent accounting perspectives.

Asset Operations Accounting

Spring Summer Fall
Average number of interns 4 total per year
Number of hours per week 15 40 15

Internships will provide experience in various aspects of the back office operations, accounting, and maintenance of our investment portfolio. Primary responsibilities may include:

  • Researching, resolving, and processing of investment transactions related to securities, derivatives or real estate holdings.
  • Reconciling transactions from the general ledger to the accounting system and data warehouse.
  • Prepare financial information for, and research inquiries from, stakeholders.
  • Analyze trends related to investment activity and research variances.
  • Research and process unexpected investment-related events affecting our security, derivatives or real estate positions.

Corporate Internal Audit

Spring-Summer Summer-Fall
Average number of interns 1 total per year
Number of hours per week 40 40

Internship would consist of:

  • Assist in evaluating activities of various departments, divisions, and locations of the organization in accordance with Internal Audit department standards for quality and timeliness.
  • Document interview and testing results, and communicate results both verbally and in writing to the supervising auditor.

Individual Savings & Retirement Financial Reporting

Spring - Fall Summer - Fall
Average number of interns 2 total per year
Number of hours per week 40

Internship will provide experience in two areas:

  • Financial Controls:
    • Assist with preparing Quarterly & Annual reporting required by Corporate Finance.
    • Obtain an understanding of the financial controls that are in place to ensure that Cash & GAAP Ledgers are accurate.
    • Obtain an understanding of Cash Flow and the sources and uses of cash for the division.
    • Assist with the cycle balancing process to validate the flow of information between the general and separate account.
  • Financial Reporting:
    • Assist with monthly financial reporting and annual expense budget for Transamerica’s joint venture with Sony Life Insurance.
    • Assist with financial reporting for IS&R’s Standalone US GAAP Reporting entities.
    • Performs professional accounting work involving compilation, consolidation, and analysis of financial data.
    • Ensures the accounting transactions are recorded accurately and timely.

Investment Operations Accounting
Mortgage Loans and Servicing

Average number of interns 3
Number of hours per week 40


  • Accounting majors in their junior or senior year of college
  • Must show leadership, initiative and effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
  • Applicants must be US Citizen or permanent resident

Other Information

Looking to build relationships with successful interns to hire as full-time employees for our Accounting Rotational Program.

Applicants must apply through the Career Services Website. If selected, prescreening interviews will take place on the school campus and all candidates will be considered for all Accounting Internship postings. Candidates will be asked for their preference in department and preference of spring, summer or fall if applicable.

Students selected for an on-campus interview must complete two tasks prior to their interview:

  1. Click the link www.transamerica.jobs. This will direct you to our Current Openings page.
  2. *Note: once selected for an interview, students will receive an informational email containing a direct link to the posting*

  3. Print, complete, and bring an Transamerica/AEGON application to the on-campus interview
  4. *Note: the Transamerica/AEGON application will be attached in PDF format to the informational email mentioned above*

Accounting Rotational Program

The Transamerica campus-wide Accounting Rotation Program provides entry-level accountants a springboard into their accounting careers. New graduates will have the opportunity to learn multiple roles and strengthen their leadership skills as they move between accounting disciplines. This program provides employees a chance to realize their interests, build a strong, professional network and develop a variety of skills. The goal of the program is to develop well-rounded professionals who can make valuable contributions resulting in professional success while actively contributing to the success of the company.

iLEAD Accounting Leadership Summit

The iLEAD Accounting Leadership Summit gives students their first opportunity to make an impression with Transamerica’s hiring leaders and potentially secure an offer for future accounting internships. This annual event occurs in early August and is designed as the main entry point into all Transamerica accounting internship opportunities. This leadership summit will provide students the means to network with student leaders and Transamerica professionals by participating in group activities, exploring the world of “private accounting,” and learning about the accounting areas within Transamerica. Transamerica will be interviewing for the program during both the Fall and Spring recruiting seasons and applications may be submitted through schools’ on-campus recruiting sites or through the Transamerica website.

Qualifications include:

  • Ideal candidates will be accounting majors and have two to three years remaining in his/her education prior to graduation.
  • Candidates must be interested in pursuing a career in private accounting.
  • Participants will be selected based on their academic achievements, leadership, extracurricular activities and communication skills.

“This entire event was very beneficial for me because I not only got to learn more about the company but I also got to see the environment that the employees work in on a day-to-day basis. I was impressed with the number of employees that seemed to thoroughly enjoy their job and it really makes me consider AEGON (Transamerica) as a place of future employment!”   -iLEAD Attendee


The Internship Program employs an average of 15 Finance interns each year and includes the following departments:

  • Investment Management
Summer-Fall Spring-Summer
Average number of interns 2 total per year
Number of hours per week 40 40
  • Portfolio Management
Summer-Fall Spring-Summer
Average number of interns 2 total per year
Number of hours per week 20 fall/40 summer 20 spring/40 summer
  • Client Relationship Development
Spring Summer Fall
Average number of interns 2-3 7-11 2-3
Number of hours per week 20 40 20
  • Applied Research
  • Asset Operations


  • Accounting, Business and Finance, Economics majors in their junior or senior year of college are preferred
  • Strong analytical skills, initiative and attention to detail
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
  • Work well in a team environment and be able to multitask to meet deadlines
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills

Real Estate

The Internship Program employs an average of 18 Real Estate interns each year and includes the following departments:

  • Production
  • Asset Management
    • Tax Credit
    • Equities
  • Special Servicing
  • Valuation
Jan-Aug Aug-Jan
Average number of interns 8-10 7-9
Number of hours per week 40 40


  • College junior or senior working toward a degree in Real Estate, Business, or Finance (Completion of Intro to Real Estate and Real Estate Finance is preferable)
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills


The Internship Program employs an average of 18 Actuarial Science interns each year and includes the following departments:

  • Asset Liability Management
  • Experience Studies
  • Finance
  • Pricing
  • Special Projects
  • Valuation
Spring Summer Fall
Average number of interns 3+ 11-13 2+
Number of hours per week 15-25 40 15-25


  • College junior or senior working towards a degree in Actuarial Science, Mathematics, or Statistics
  • Strong mathematical and analytical skills, initiative, and attention to detail
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Desire to work in a team environment
  • Leadership experience
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
  • Knowledge of at least one computer programming language and/or VBA would be beneficial
  • At least one SOA/CAS exam pass is preferred

Other Information

  • Ability to participate in many training and team building events alongside fellow Actuarial employees
  • Looking to build relationships with successful interns to hire as full-time employees for our Actuarial Rotational Program.

Actuarial Science Rotational Program

The Cedar Rapids Actuarial Rotation Program exists to develop qualified Fellows of the Society of Actuaries with the skills and knowledge required to fill responsible positions within the Company through cross-functional rotations and educational social opportunities.

  • Objectives of the Program include…
    • Providing Students with the opportunity for professional growth;
    • Acquisition of new skills
    • Continuous learning environment
    • Broader exposure to actuarial functions and the business
    • Networking with peer groups, managers and senior leaders
    • Fostering a positive and vibrant actuarial community

The Program will also provide the Company with well trained, cross-functional students who are empowered to learn, research, challenge and improve business practices.

Information Technology

The Internship Program employs an average of 18 Information Technology interns each year and includes the following departments:

  • Agent Technical Support
One year
Average number of interns 2
Number of hours per week 20 spring/fall & 40 summer
  • Desktop Support
Average number of interns 2
Number of hours per week 40
  • Investment Systems
Average number of interns 2
Number of hours per week 40
  • Technical Services
Average number of interns 5
Number of hours per week 40


  • College student working towards a degree in Computer Science, MIS or equivalent
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to understand and work with technical documentation, networking and database concepts (knowledge of basic computer language is a plus)
  • Strong organizational and customer service skills
  • Experience with Windows XP, PC hardware, Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)

Sales and Marketing

The Transamerica Agency Network Internship Program is an 8 week program designed to prepare college students for a sales or sales management opportunity. A local Transamerica Agency Network agency will assist with training using TAN’s proven sales system and tools at agency meetings, training sessions, and joint sales appointments. You will receive one-on-one assistance from experienced agents and we will proved a structured training program that includes the tools necessary to be successful and gain valuable sales and marketing experience.

The Internship Program employs an average of 4 Sales and Marketing interns each year and includes the following departments:

  • Product Implementation
  • Marketing
  • Talent Development
  • Project Management
  • Sales
Average number of interns 4
Number of hours per week 40


  • Take and pass the state life insurance exam
  • Be a licensed life insurance agent in your state
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)

City of Five Seasons

Cedar Rapids offers the best of both worlds – small town friendliness with a touch of the big city life. Cedar Rapids is a business and technology hub for the Eastern Iowa Corridor, which offers numerous career opportunities. Below are links to activities related to the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area.

Now That You're Hired

  • Standard work hours for the Cedar Rapids offices are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Individual schedules may vary slightly according to department need and norms.
  • Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, a summer hour schedule is available. Work hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 7:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. on Fridays. Participation in summer hours may vary depending on the needs of each department.

The norm of the Company dress policy is business appropriate. Attire which is considered to be business appropriate is limited to:

  • Appropriate length skirts and dresses
  • Trousers or slacks
  • Capri pants or gauchos
  • All collared and polo shirts (with or without tie)
  • Sweaters/collared fleece
  • Knit tops
  • Dress sandals, dress shoes, boots or loafers

Unless otherwise noted, Fridays will be designated as casual days. Attire which is considered casual day appropriate is limited to:

  • All clothing listed as business appropriate
  • Denim jackets and blazers
  • Non-hooded sweatshirts
  • Pullovers with any organization logo
  • Jeans
  • Tennis shoes

Inappropriate attire, which is not to be worn in the workplace, includes:

  • Shorts or skorts (except for employee appreciation days)
  • Tank or muscle shirts
  • Spandex clothing/cycling attire
  • Sweatpants/jogging suits
  • Overalls (bibs), regardless of color or fabric
  • Rubber flip-flops/beach sandals/shower shoes/Crocs
  • Torn, wrinkled, tie-dyed, camouflage, or frayed clothing of any kind
  • Clothing with inappropriate printing/lettering or designs (alcohol, tobacco, drug, suggestive/foul language or pictures)
  • Spaghetti-strap, off-the-shoulder, open-back tops; low-cut, sheer, or see-through tops; halter, tube, or midriff tops; or dresses with any of the characteristics listed above
  • Jerseys, including sports jerseys
  • Hats of any kind
Possibilities for Tomorrow
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