how long is retirement?
how long is

It's 8,000 days.

That's a whole lot of days.
Imagine the possibilities.

"Unlike past generations, retirement is no longer a relatively brief period at the end of our lives… it is an entire life stage waiting to be invented."

- Joe Coughlin
Founder & Director, MIT Agelab

How will you
spend your
8,000 days?

Day 1

Smile, a new adventure begins.

Day 1,342

Dare to turn my world upside down.

Day 2,403

Catch a big one while hanging with my little one.

Day 3,757

Add more color to my day.

Day 4,946

Share a sunrise with the ones I love most.

Day 6,301

Begin training for the National Hula-hoop Championships.

Day 7,429

Keep the beat but lose track of time.

Retirement has long been considered a time of winding down. For most of us, it comes after a life of hard work, so it’s natural to want to kick back and relax.
But think of this: The period known as retirement is, conceivably, a quarter or more of one’s entire life. Yes, it’s 8,000 days or longer. While some may be content to fill those days with leisure time, a whole lot of us would like to do more.
When you shift your perspective on what retirement means, you start to imagine the possibilities. Travel and more time with family may be on the list. You might also envision giving back or committing yourself to a passion project. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of starting a new business or even going back to school.
Whatever your path, your financial fitness and physical well-being will likely play a significant role in helping you to live longer — and better.
8,000 days
8,000 days
8,000 days
8,000 days

make the most
of your
8,000 days.

Topics to discuss:
  • Protection for different life stages
  • Generating retirement income beyond Social Security
  • Preparing for health costs Medicare may not cover
  • Strategies for lowering taxes
  • Efficient ways to pass assets on to the next generation
  • Understanding the impacts of longevity

Talk to your Financial Professional about how you can make the most of your 8,000 days.

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