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Helping people protect their loved ones is a rewarding journey, but you may encounter questions along the way. That's why we've put together a collection of resources to help you every step of the way.

Getting Paid

We're here to help you grow your book of business. Getting paid without delay is an important part of that. Generally, the more diligent you are with application accuracy, the quicker you'll get paid.
Transamerica pays 40% upon submit when all advance criteria are met and 60% when all delivery requirements are met (signed Policy Delivery Receipt, Amendments, Illustration and other New Business requirements, as applicable).
40% - FIRST Advance
The following criteria must be met to ensure advance will be paid at policy submission:
  • All signatures
  • Full product name
  • Full modal premium paid
  • Conditional receipt signed and submitted 
  • Correct state application
  • Completed Pre-Authorized Check (PAC) or COMCARD submitted  
  • Disclosure forms
  • All other required forms 
60% - SECOND Advance
The following criteria must be met to ensure the Second Advance will be paid:
  • Delivery Requirements Include:
  • Signed Policy Delivery Receipts
  • Illustrations  Signed Numeric Summary page
  • Amendments if Included 
  • Amendments  Statement of Good Health
  • Other post issue requirements

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Everything you need to know about field underwriting, getting paid, and more.
IUL Annual Statement Training
Learn the terms of Annual Statements and how to explain them to your clients.

What if your client is not a US citizen?

We live in a world that demands to be explored, and your clients are doing just that. But whether they're living abroad, or simply expanding their horizons, many of them have ties to the U.S. 
Handing down wealth from one generation to the next is an important part of financial planning, no matter where you live. For foreign nationals who have assets in the U.S., life insurance coverage could be an essential part of their estate planning solution.
For more information on foreign national business and how we can help please visit our Foreign National microsite

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