Your toolbox

Every agent needs the tools of the trade. Here you'll find a helpful checklist to keep your business on track, detailed information on electronic applications, plus an easy way to order sales materials and complete illustrations.

Agent Checklist

Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, this checklist will help keep you on track.
Ordering Sales Materials

View, download, and order everything you need here. You'll find sales kits, client brochures, new business forms, and more.


Run Illustrations

Running customized illustrations is easy with myTransWare®. View, print, save, modify, and e-mail illustrations on the go.


The perks of e-App

Unlike paper, electronic applications ensure your applications are received quickly, error-free, and "In Good Order." This process allows you to write more premium, share and transfer cases, avoid mail carrier delays, and to view, print, and email forms.

iGO® e-App is compatible with most mobile devices and free of charge to Transamerica appointed associates. Access iGO at > Click on the Menu button > Recruiting & Selling > Sales Tools & Info > iGO.

First-time users will be required to register by creating a username and password.

Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL

TFLIC Financial Foundation IUL

Trendsetter® Super Series

Trendsetter® LB

Final Expense Solutions Portfolio

Transamerica LifetimeSM

There are three methods to collect signatures with the electronic application. These include:

  1. Wet (traditional) signature – Print completed application from iGO® and apply signature to paper forms.
  2. In person electronic signature – Available when an applicant is face-to-face with the agent and requires the use of a tablet, laptop, or PC.
  3. Remote electronic signature – Allows the agent to send an email to an applicant requesting a signature and uses electronic capabilities to complete. 
  • Ensure you are licensed and appointed to do business in the state where the policy is being written
  • Order Transamerica sales kits and prepare to present to the client
  • Ensure you'll have an Internet connection when meeting with client
  • Complete all sections of the iGO online application
  • Complete any replacement forms as required
  • Provide client with conditional receipt if initial premium will be drafted
  • Obtain signatures Submit application online to Transamerica Premier Life or TFLIC

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Automated Reports

It's important to stay current on your submitted business, which is why we offer automated reports. Sign up to receive emails that cover all pending policies for your personal business.

Resources for your business

Questions are bound to come up while you do business: What if one of your clients is not a citizen? How do you avoid delays and get paid faster? We have the answers.