Bridging the Retirement Gap

Good news: Americans are living longer

The challenge, however, is meeting the financial obligations of a retirement that can stretch for two or three decades, or more.

Retirement tools can help

Guaranteed income products such as fixed-index and variable annuities can help take some of the guesswork out of saving for retirement.

Guaranteed income is appealing

Bridging the retirement gap

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Annuities offer more than

An annuity is a long-term product designed for retirement purposes. Adding living benefits can help take it one step further, guaranteeing a steady, reliable income stream for life.

Annuity Main Features

Living Benefit Riders

Flexible strategies to tailor
Both fixed index and variable annuities offer surrender charge-free withdrawal options, tax-deferred earnings accumulation, and optional lifetime income for an additional fee.

What do you want your retirement assets to do?

Provide guaranteed income Manage tax liability Leave more for my family Principal protection and the chance to grow