Transamerica ConnectedClaims

Employee Satisfaction

Customer well-being is the heart of everything we do, and we keep a close eye on how satisfied they are, with a dedicated Customer Experience Team and the Closed Loop Feedback program that proactively reaches out to help customers.

Automated Wellness Claims Decisions

For single wellness claims, an acknowledgment letter goes out within 24 hours. We help encourage employees to be proactive about their health by getting the wellness tests they need.

Claims Reminders

Our ClaimsMinderSM technology can be offered by employers on certain accident, critical illness, and hospital indemnity policies. Secure major medical insurance data automatically sends reminders (to employees who opt in) to file a claim if they’re likely to be eligible.

Simple Claims Portal

Employees can easily navigate our intuitive system to start a claim, save progress to gather information, and come back to complete the claim. Then the insured can check the status of the claim and even set up direct deposit for simple, quick payment upon approval.

Paperless Claims

Filing digitally means no more finding a fax machine or figuring out how many stamps go on a document envelope. Digital paperless claims lead to faster filings, fewer hassles, and less wasted paper.

Claims Integration Across Products

If the employee has more than one policy with us, we want to make sure nothing gets missed. So we double-check for other policies of theirs that may also pay a benefit. An accident claim, for example, might trigger a benefit from the employee’s hospital indemnity policy.

Predictive Analytics

Those we help deserve all the benefits of ever-improving technology, so we use information from our 90 years of claims experience to identify common needs. For example, we saw the need for a follow-up orthopedics visit after a broken limb claim, so we now proactively pay that benefit without needing another claim.

Meet Cameron

Automated Claims Decisions

How automated decisions help employees

As part of her hospital indemnity policy, Cameron uses a wellness benefit to cover her yearly screenings and tests. When she submits the claim after the check-up, we send an acknowledgment letter within 24 hours to help her know what to expect. Within two days she receives a claim approval and receives payment through her policy.*


* Turnaround times vary based on the type of claim. 

Meet Masha and Artemii

Predictive Analytics

What we've learned can predict needs

Masha can't help worrying that her son Artemii will hurt himself hurtling down hills on his long board, and she's glad she included him in her accident policy when he winds up with a broken arm on a trick he swears he's done a million times. She finds the online claims refreshingly simple and quickly gets benefits to help pay leftover expenses for his care. She's surprised and pleased when she also receives payment, without having to file another claim, for the follow-up visit to remove the cast.

Meet Joey

Check for Other Possible Benefits

Ensuring available benefits are paid

Joey trips over the edge of the sidewalk at the park and gets a severe concussion and broken collarbone. After a night in the hospital for monitoring, he learns his wife submitted an accident policy claim while he was in surgery. He'd forgotten to mention that he'd added hospital indemnity insurance a couple of months ago at open enrollment, though. At first he worries that he’ll need to file another claim, but they quickly receive acknowledgment that a claim has been filed on both policies. He learns that Transamerica automatically checks to see if any other policies he has with us could potentially qualify for additional benefits.

Where to Learn More

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