SECURE Act Updates

What you and clients need to know.

There’ve been some updates to SECURE Act endorsements and distributions, and we’ve sent policy holders a letter notifying them of the changes. Policy holders will be receiving a letter containing an endorsement and disclosing statement for the annuity policy they have with us.
The new endorsements will address the new required minimum distributions (RMD) and death claim options as outlined in the SECURE act. The disclosure simply provides information about Individual Retirement Annuities. Rest assured that policy features and benefits will remain the same.

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"Financial advisors now need to expand the discussion not just to include money, but to all the things that money powers."

-Joe Coughlin, PhD. Founder & Director, MIT AgeLab


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Despite the fact that the majority of people think it's important, 70% of people have not yet talked to their financial advisor about the connection between wealth and health.

-WEALTH + HEALTH: The Mindset & Language of the Investor, Luntz Global Partners, January 2019.

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