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Managed Advice®
A comprehensive retirement readiness solution for your clients
Transamerica 2016 Outlook

A retirement planning solution with results.

Everyone deserves access to affordable, professional advice.

Managed Advice® is Transamerica’s comprehensive retirement planning solution. It helps take the hard work (and guesswork) of researching, investing, and managing retirement plan accounts out of participants' hands.

Managed Advice helps participants manage their retirement plan investments and their savings rates, to help them stay on course for a fully funded retirement, and it:

  • Combines automated saving and investing services with personalized, one-on-one support from registered investment advisor representatives.
  • Accomplishes this while also staying true to our core strengths: open architecture, fee transparency, and cutting-edge, industry-leading technology.

Talk to us today about how Managed Advice can help your plan participants.

Retirement plan participants need and want advice

Managed Advice tackles the important questions that matter most to retirement plan participants:

  • How much do I need to save to have enough money to meet my retirement goals?
  • How should I invest? Are my investments properly diversified?
  • How can I track my progress towards my retirement goals?
  • Can I talk to a professional who will help me?

Managed Advice was built to help answer these questions through the combination of our proprietary, cutting-edge technology and access to one-on-one advice from credentialed retirement counselors. And it's all part of our seamless, comprehensive retirement plan participant experience.

A flexible approach that embraces your role as retirement plan advisors and creates new ways to add value and broaden your relationship with clients

Managed Advice has been specifically designed to complement and enhance your service model, delivering advisory services in the context of your background, experience, training, and expertise.

Here’s what you can accomplish with the flexible approach offered by Managed Advice:

  • Control of the underlying funds used.
  • Selection of an appropriate glide path.
  • Customization of the investment portfolios, if and when you wish.
  • One-on-one advisory support, delivered by Transamerica as part of an outcome-focused, integrated participant experience.

No matter which features of Managed Advice you choose to take advantage of, we help you deliver additional value in a structure that makes sense for your practice.

Find out how Managed Advice can help you tap new opportunities and broaden existing relationships.

Delivering results while also offering critical fiduciary support to retirement plan sponsors

In addition to providing participants with a comprehensive retirement planning solution, Managed Advice can help plan sponsors manage their fiduciary responsibilities.

Managed Advice can be offered in an array of formats that address a retirement sponsor's fiduciary needs by acting as the following:

  • A voluntary, opt-in service that provides retirement advice.
  • Part of a targeted approach for a specific group of plan participants (such as defaulted participants).
  • The key element of a more universal re-enrollment strategy where Managed Advice serves as a Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA).

Under all structures, Managed Advice provides fiduciary coverage within the service from a registered investment advisor.

In addition, Managed Advice is: customized to each plan’s fund lineup, provides access to the retirement advice that your participants need, and affords sponsors a unique opportunity to engage their trusted advisors in new ways.

Get started today

  • 57% of participants want to be told not only how to invest but how much to save.1
  • More than half of participants want advice from a qualified representative.2
  • 93% of participants want advice in their “best interests” from providers.3

Make sure your plan delivers

Are you a retirement plan sponsor? Let’s work with your advisor today to ensure your plan offers a powerful, effective retirement readiness solution—one that benefits you and your participants.

Are you a financial advisor? Find out how Managed Advice can help you tap new opportunities and broaden existing relationships.

Your Transamerica Retirement Solutions regional vice president is ready to help at 888-401-5826.