Transamerica B-Share Variable Annuity

Transamerica B-Share Variable Annuity

Offering a 7-year surrender charge schedule and the ability to customize the annuity with optional living and death benefits. 

These provide additional opportunities to grow and protect retirement income and transfer assets to loved ones.

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Issue Age:

0-90 Annuitant and/or Owner

Minimum Initial Premium:

$1,000 (Qualified) 
$5,000 (Non-qualified)

Minimum Subsequent Premiums:  


Maximum Subsequent Premiums (per policy year after 1st policy anniversary):  

$25,000 (Non-qualified), Lesser of $60,000 or IRS Contribution limit (Qualified)

Maximum Cumulative Premiums:

$1,000,000 (0-80) 
$500,000 (Over age 80)

Annual Mortality and Expense Fee and Administrative Charge (M&E&A)1:

1.15% (Policy Value Death Benefit) 
1.30% (Return of Premium Death Benefit) 
1.50% (Annual Step-Up Death Benefit)

Annual Service Charge:

$352 (Lesser of current service charge or 2% of policy value)

Waived if net premium or policy value equals or exceeds $100,000

Withdrawal Amount Available Without Surrender Charge:

10% of gross premium3

Surrender Charge Schedule:

Years Since Premium Payment%

Annual Fund Facilitation Fee:
Up to 0.60% annualized fee accessed daily as a percentage of the value of certain subaccounts 

Investment Option Management Fee:

Please see prospectus for details

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Our innovative optional living benefits set us apart. They can help grow and protect retirement income no matter what happens in the markets. So whether you’re seeking income for life, protection for loved ones, or tax deferral on your investments, we’ll help you approach retirement planning with a purpose.
Certain conditions and limitations apply.
All guarantees, including optional benefits, are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.
Transamerica Variable Annuity Investment-Only Strategy
Going back to basics with an investment only strategy can help lower costs while providing a number of advantages. This strategy offers tax-deferred growth, as well as the growth opportunities presented by the investment options that are overseen by well-known investment managers.
Offers the opportunity for uncapped investment growth with downside market protection.
Standard Death Benefits
Policy Value
Our lower cost death benefit option will pay beneficiaries the policy value at the time that we receive due proof of death.
Return of Premium
Our most popular Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit option will pay beneficiaries the total of all premiums paid, less any adjusted partial withdrawals.
Annual Step-Up
This Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit option guarantees an amount equal to the highest policy value on either the issue date or any policy anniversary, plus premiums, and less adjusted partial withdrawals that occur after the anniversary with the highest value. Step-ups stop at age 81.
Liquidity Rider
A reduced surrender charge schedule (from seven to four years) for each premium payment.

Key features

A comprehensive lineup of investment options from some well-known money managers in the industry. 
Maintains the asset allocation balance selected by automatically transferring money between investment options on a regular basis without generating a taxable event, so the original allocation objectives are maintained. Restrictions apply. Please see prospectus for details.

Allows for gradual investment over time, systematically buying more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high. This can potentially lower the average cost of variable units.

Dollar cost averaging requires regular investing regardless of fluctuating prices and does not guarantee profits or prevent losses in a declining market. Individuals should consider their financial ability to continue transfers through periods of both high and low price levels. Amounts allocated to the subaccounts of the separate account are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal. Restrictions apply. Please see prospectus for details.

During the accumulation phase, 12 free transfers between subaccounts are allowed each year without a fee. Restrictions apply. Please see prospectus for details. ($10 fee per transfer, thereafter.) 
The opportunity to receive guaranteed lifetime payments through a variety of payment schedules and options, should the policy be annuitized. Annuitization is permitted after the 3rd policy anniversary. 1st policy anniversary in New York and Florida.

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