Transamerica's Managed Advice ®

The latest evolution in retirement planning

Retirement plan participants are seeking better ways to prepare for the road ahead.

Transamerica’s Managed Advice, powered by Morningstar Investment Management, LLC®, is a service designed to provide professional recommendations and advice to all participants — regardless of account balance.

See how Managed Advice can help

Watch this short video to see how Managed Advice can support your retirement plan objectives.


Help participants stop guessing

With 46% of workers guessing how much money they'll need in retirement, it's no wonder half the nation’s largest plan sponsors offer participants access to managed accounts.1


Managed accounts help drive better outcomes for investors behind on savings2

  • 33% higher deferral rates 
  • 71% increased deferral rates after subscribing to managed accounts 
  • 12% increase in participants earning a full employer match

Managed Advice is a comprehensive retirement planning service that uses advanced research and technology to provide a truly personalized retirement strategy. Learn about the five pillars of this service.