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Help clients set goals and take steps to reach them with an experience that includes an app plus an online resource library and community.

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"Investing in your health is probably just the first thing you have to do to be able to work longer and to live longer, better."
-Joseph Coughlin, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab director

Filling the gap in financial guidance

As people live longer, how do we make sure those extra years are good ones?

You’ve seen how clients’ health can affect everything from whether they can get affordable life insurance to when they decide to buy long term care, from what kind of Medicare coverage they choose to how much they can enjoy the wealth they've built. That’s why we’re encouraging people to take care of both their wealth and health. Because what is one without the other?

Making the wealth and health connection allows you to build more meaningful financial strategies for clients – and a stronger business around the value you provide.

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Here's a preview of what we're building and what it will enable you to do.

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Get up to speed on hot topics and new products, and share checklists to help clients tackle key tasks.

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Foresee clients' needs with notifications we'll send based on clients' activity or significant milestones, like turning 65 or 70 1/2, for example.

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Why reinvent the wheel - or spin yours? Leverage our pre-built campaigns to stay connected to clients.

Unlock revenue

Uncover opportunities hiding within your book, and gain access to prospects seeking help from a financial professional via our app.
Your sidekick for serving clients

For those times when your clients can’t take you with them, meet our new app, designed to help your clients visualize and track their wealth + health goals. The Transamerica app can help clients see their fitness and finances in one spot when they’re on the go.


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