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2019 Mid-Year Market Outlook: Clearing the Path

After investors saw positive results across most asset classes in the first half of 2019, they now find themselves at the intersection of optimism and skepticism. 
Transamerica Asset Management, Inc., CIO Tom Wald, CFA®, examines their path forward.

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Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey 2019

Successful retirement - healthy aging and financial security.

Retirement and self-employment

The increase in prevalence of the self-employed calls for changes in how people invest for retirement.

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National Nonprofit Transamerica Center for Health Studies®

Health research

TCHS offers consumers and employers a guide to navigate the financial implications of the healthcare decisions they are facing.

Healthcare Consumers in a Time of Uncertainty

In its fifth annual healthcare survey, TCHS intends to track Americans' attitudes about and experience using the U.S. healthcare system.

Healthcare and millennials

The percentage of uninsured Millennials has declined to 11 percent – an all-time low for this population.

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