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Thinking beyond the box.
We didn’t set out to build a landmark. We set out to build a reflection of who we are.
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An iconic symbol of tomorrow

The Transamerica Pyramid is located at 600 Montgomery Street in the heart of one of the most storied sections of San Francisco. It’s part of Transamerica Center (a complex that includes Two Transamerica Center and Transamerica Redwood Park), encompassing nearly one city block. The iconic Transamerica pyramid claimed its place in the San Francisco skyline in 1972. Although the tower no longer serves as the Transamerica Corporation headquarters, it is still strongly associated with the company and is depicted in the company's logo. Today the Pyramid stands as a symbol of what will always be our guiding principles.

Designed for today. Built for tomorrow.

In 1968, Transamerica president John R. Becket had an idea. He noticed that trees in a city park could be tall, yet still allow natural light to filter down from above. This was in contrast with the box-like buildings that surrounded him. So when designing the new Transamerica headquarters, he proposed a somewhat radical approach.

From the very beginning, Transamerica was built on the idea that—like sunlight—financial security should be available to everyone. So it’s only fitting that our headquarters should transform the San Francisco skyline in the same way that we’ve transformed financial services.

Today, the Transamerica Pyramid is a distinctive structure revered by San Franciscans and recognized internationally. It’s an iconic symbol in a city known for inclusiveness.

The Transamerica Pyramid building and logos featuring it are registered trademarks and are the companies' primary identifiers of product authenticity.

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The 48th floor is a conference room with a 360-degree view.