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How Finfluential are you?

Make your mark on the Twitter financial world and share your score.


Measure your Twitter financial influence.

Finfluencer: \fin"flu*en*cer\, n. One who, or that which, influences financial services discussions.

Twitter influence is a great way to measure how much your opinions on financial services are represented in the social media universe. Financial topics are important to almost everybody – “financial services” is the second most discussed subject on Twitter with about 1.5 million mentions per day. But with so many voices, it’s hard to know how to stand out from the pack.

Transamerica’s new site, Flinfluencer.com, shows you how Twitter influential you are today, and who to follow to Transform Your Tomorrow®.

Our custom algorithm measures 140 different variables and assigns you a Flinfluencer score that shows how your voice stands out among the competition.

Through Finfluencer, we’ll show you the most influential people you're following, as well as the top financial influencers on Twitter today. You’ll know just where to go to discover the financial topics most important to Twitter users.

All you have to do is securely log on to your Twitter account at *Finfluencer.com and we’ll automatically calculate your score in just a few moments. (Like other apps, Finfluencer.com needs your permission to access and analyze your Twitter feed.)

How it works:

  • We scan your entire history for tweets that contain important financial services keywords.
  • We compare your history to that of the people you follow.
  • Then we crunch the numbers and assign you a Finfluential score ranging from 1-100, as well as your percentile ranking across all of Twitter.
  • Finally, you can tweet your score to followers right from the app, letting them know just how much your opinions matter to Twitter users.

Check your Finfluencer score today!

How Finfluential are you? Click here to find out.