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Transamerica Income EdgeSM
Transamerica Income Edge

Transamerica Income EdgeSM

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Your retirement savings can benefit from lifetime income and a broad investment lineup through Transamerica Income EdgeSM. Transamerica Income Edge is an optional living benefit available with a Transamerica variable annuity. It guarantees a steady, reliable income stream for life, even if the policy value falls to zero. 

Additionally, Transamerica Income Edge has one of the higher withdrawal payout percentages in the industry – offering up to 7% guaranteed, depending on age, time invested, and step-ups.

Transamerica Income Edge is designed to capitalize on up-markets with the ability to invest up to 60% of premiums in potentially high-growth stocks. Remaining funds are then divided between select investment options and a required 20% allocation to the stable account. A growth-focused investment strategy can lead to a larger income base, which you can then access for life using the payout percentages.

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