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Two accidental death insurance policies for your life insurance needs.
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Accidental Death Policies

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Unexpected accidents happen every day.

If the worst should happen to you, can your family handle the cost of final expenses and deal with a reduction in family income? An accidental death insurance policy can provide the additional financial security that your loved ones need. As either a stand-alone policy or a rider for an existing life insurance plan, this benefit can help your family through a difficult period.

Policies offered by Transamerica.

There are two levels of coverage to choose from:

  • Plan A: up to $500,000 in total coverage.
  • Plan B: up to $250,000 in total coverage.

Accidental Death Plan A

This option offers your loved ones death benefit payout of $250,000, provided the death is caused by a covered accident. A covered accident includes causes, such as traffic accidents and falls. You can also add a family option to this plan, which offers an additional $125,000 payout on the death of your spouse, and a $5,000 payout on the death of your children.

Accidental Death Plan B

This accidental death insurance plan provides a $125,000 death benefit payout. This policy also has a family option. The family option pays $75,000 on the death of a spouse and $5,000 on an accidental death of any children.

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Accidental death can be a stand-alone insurance policy.

Used as a stand-alone policy, accidental death insurance can provide you with a substantial amount of coverage at competitive rates. Remember, you have two plan options to choose from if you decide to use accidental death insurance as a stand-alone plan. Both of these plans are available for people ages 18 through 80, and there is no medical exam required or health questions to answer in order to be accepted for coverage.

Accidental death coverage can also be added to an existing life insurance policy.

Accidental death coverage is also available as a rider to your current life insurance coverage. This rider can be an extremely cost-effective way to obtain additional protection on top of the life insurance coverage that you already have in place. The accidental death rider will pay your survivors an additional sum on top of the death benefit from your base policy if death occurs due to a covered accident.

Because there is no medical exam or evaluation required, your acceptance for the accidental death rider is guaranteed. You may also consider coverage for your spouse and family members as well. Coverage is available for those who are between the age of 18 and 80 (age 18 and 54 in California).

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Life is filled with the unexpected, but you can be ready for the worst with accidental death insurance. There is no medical exam required, so no health questions will be asked as requirements for approval. Plus, your acceptance is guaranteed. Provide your loved ones with peace of mind by enrolling in a Transamerica accidental death insurance plan.

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