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What phase of life are you in?
Transamerica has an insurance plan for every phase.

Phases of Life

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No matter where you are in life, a Transamerica life insurance plan can offer security and peace of mind. Are you a single parent? Empty nester?  Below we have outlined a stage of life you might (or will) be in along with some reasons why life insurance could be a step in the right direction on your path. Contact us to get started or visit with a local insurance professional.

The single life

Even if no one depends on you financially, life insurance as part of your overall financial strategy can help you meet your goals. For instance, you probably want to make sure your family has money to pay your final expenses, funeral costs, and debts if something unexpected should happen.

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Married without children

This could be one of the most exciting times for a couple and most likely, life insurance is the furthest from your mind. But if something were to happen to either of you, what would that do to your plans for the future?

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Full house

We all have plans for our families and future. We look forward to watching our children graduate from college; we look forward to seeing them become self-sufficient adults; and we look forward to growing old and enjoying our golden years with our spouse. Of course, it takes a lifetime of earnings to make these dreams come true. In the event the worst were to happen, adequate life insurance could provide the resources when needed most.

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Single parents

Being a single parent is challenging. You work hard every day to make sure that the necessities are provided for and your children are taken care of. What if something unexpected were to happen to you; how can you ensure that your children can continue to live the childhood they have grown accustomed to? Life insurance can bring peace of mind and help secure your family's future.

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Empty nesters

Once your children have moved out of the house and are on their own, it is time to think about you. After years of making the kids and family your top priority, you can focus on your "for me goals." Your "for me goals" may include remodeling the house, buying a boat or a vacation home, starting your own business, or a myriad of other interests. You may still have financial obligations such as a mortgage, car payments, or health care. Should something happen to either of you, life insurance coverage is there as your safety net.

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