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Term Life Insurance

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Benefits of Term Life 
Economical coverageYES
Helps provide security for growing familiesYES
Coverage for temporary financial obligationsYES
Cash valueNO
Permanent coverageNO

Economical protection when you need it most.

Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific period of time, or "term," such as 10, 20, or 30 years. If something happens to you during that term period, your loved ones can be financially protected. If not, your policy simply expires at the end of the term. By providing protection against the loss of income, term life insurance can help ensure that your family’s quality of life is preserved.

More affordable than whole or universal life insurance. 
Term life doesn't build cash value and is therefore generally less expensive than permanent coverage. This makes it a good choice for young families just starting out or people who only need protection for a certain time period.

Financial security for big life events. 
You can use term life insurance to help cover specific financial obligations that may disappear over time. For example, use a 30-year term life insurance policy to ensure a 30-year mortgage can be paid in full, or choose coverage that lasts long enough to help pay for college tuition or wedding expenses.


Term life insurance explained.

Get a quick primer on term life insurance, and learn how it can help protect the people you love.

What is Term Life?

Trendsetter Super: Term life with conversion option into Permanent Life.

Trendsetter® Super is a term life insurance product issued by Transamerica Life that has the ability to be converted into one of our universal life insurance policies based on meeting company requirements. This term life policy also contains an optional rider that allows you to get back some of the money put towards premiums.

Is it for me?

A good choice for younger families who are likely to remain healthy during the policy term due to substantial financial benefits available at the end of the policy term.

Features of Trendsetter® Super:

  • High levels of cost-effective protection.
  • Option to return eligible premiums returned back to you at the end of your policy as long as you are alive, and the policy is in good standing.
  • Ability to convert to a permanent life insurance policy without additional underwriting.

Key Facts*

  • Guaranteed level premiums for 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years.
  • The conversion rider provides for a guaranteed exchange of the term policy to a permanent life insurance policy, up to the same face amount, without further evidence of insurability. 
  • An optional Return of Premium feature lets you get back to the eligible premiums paid during the policy term as long as your policy is in force and you are still alive.

Trendsetter LB: Term life insurance with living benefits.

Trendsetter® LB offers high levels of term life protection but includes living benefits which provides additional security against the possibility of a terminal, chronic or critical illness. Living Benefits allow you to potentially access a portion of your policy benefit while you're still alive if you're diagnosed with a qualifying illness.  

Is it for me?

A good choice if you're looking for the protection of term life insurance with an added level of security against the possibility of terminal or critical illness.

Features of Trendsetter® Living Benefits:

  • High levels of cost-efficient protection.
  • Ability to use a portion of your policy face amount while you're still alive, replacing lost income and providing for in-home care should you suffer a terminal, critical or chronic illness.   
  • The portion of your policy face amount not used for Accelerated Death Benefit will remain for your loved ones after you pass away. (See key facts below for more details.)

Key Facts*

  • Guaranteed level premiums for 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. Premiums increase annually after the initial level premium period.
  • If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and have 12 months or less to live, this policy pays an advance payout, called an Accelerated Death Benefit, to help with expenses so you can focus on your family during this time.
  • This benefit is automatically included in your coverage (not available in IL, KS, MA, WA).