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Guidance to help you live better today and worry less about tomorrow.

Mutual Fund Commentary & Insights

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It can be difficult to gauge how market and economic news impacts your investments. Download our market and fund commentaries for insight into what’s happening, why and what’s to come.

Transamerica 2018 Outlook

Transamerica Asset Management, Inc. Chief Investment Officer Tom Wald, CFA®, presents his Transamerica 2018 Outlook, “Answering the Bell,” examining the potential effects of tax reform, near full employment, corporate profits, and equities and bond markets at home and abroad.

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Transamerica Mid-Year 2017 Outlook

In his Mid-Year 2017 Market Outlook, titled “Riding the Current,” Transamerica Chief Investment Officer Tom Wald, CFA®, believes U.S. stocks remain well positioned for further appreciation. Wald says that while calls for tax reform and an infrastructure blitz have stalled, markets have advanced on solid corporate earnings. 

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Transamerica 2017 Outlook

Following the 2016 presidential election and a surprise year-end stock market rally, Transamerica Chief Investment Officer Tom Wald, CFA®, is looking ahead to 2017 and how things may shake out under a dramatically different administration.

In this brief video, Tom shares his views on the stock market, interest rates, inflation, and international markets.

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