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To view individual historic distributions for a specific fund, click on the fund name and all distributions paid year to date will appear below the YTD SUM.
If a fund has not paid a distribution in the selected calendar year, the fund will not appear in the table below.

   As of 03/23/2017
Fund Symbol Asset Class     Ex Date Reinvest Date Payable Date Income Dividend S-T Cap Gain L-T Cap Gain Reinvest Price
Transamerica Flexible Income   IDITX Fixed Income IDITX Daily Class A
YTD SUM - - - 0.081852 -
Transamerica Floating Rate   TFLAX Fixed Income TFLAX MONTHLY Class A
YTD SUM - - - 0.066102 -
Transamerica Government Money Market   IATXX Fixed Income IATXX MONTHLY Class A
YTD SUM - - - 0.000008 -
Transamerica High Yield Bond   IHIYX Fixed Income IHIYX Daily Class A
YTD SUM - - - 0.116252 -
Transamerica High Yield Muni   THAYX Fixed Income THAYX Daily Class A
YTD SUM - - - 0.073540 -
Transamerica Intermediate Muni   TAMUX Fixed Income TAMUX Daily Class A
YTD SUM - - - 0.055360 -
Transamerica Short-Term Bond   ITAAX Fixed Income ITAAX MONTHLY Class A
YTD SUM - - - 0.036519 -
Transamerica Dynamic Income   IGTAX Hybrid Allocation IGTAX Monthly Class A
YTD SUM - - - 0.069100 -