Protect your principal while giving your money a chance to grow.

You've worked hard to build your portfolio.

Putting part of your portfolio into a fixed index annuity helps you protect what you've earned while still giving you a chance to earn interest based, in part, on the performance of an index.

The Transamerica Secure Retirement Index® Annuity is our customizable fixed index annuity, in which interest credited to your account will never be less than zero, even if the market goes down.

It's designed to help you worry less about tomorrow.

Ask your financial professional to go over the details of the Transamerica Secure Retirement Index Annuity with you after you review this summary.

What is a fixed index annuity?

Simply put, any annuity is a long-term contract between you and an insurance company: You pay premiums for the ability to turn your principal into an income stream in the form of periodic payments, which begin once you annuitize your contract.

Fixed index annuities earn interest based on changes in a certain market index that measures how the market or part of the market performs.

What else should I be asking?

Your financial professional can help you dive even deeper into Transamerica annuities, optional living benefits, optional survivor benefits, and more.