Protection, Growth and Income

Longer lifespans, low interest rates, and market downturns can impact long-term financial planning and the ability to cover future expenses, including health care. But there are options that can help.

One possible strategy is the Transamerica Secure Retirement Index II Annuity. It is a fixed index annuity with Index Accounts that provide 100% protection from market losses for premiums and future interest earnings, an initial premium enhancement, and tax-deferred growth potential. For an additional fee, you can also add an optional living benefit so they can secure guaranteed income for life.

A new opportunity to help protect and grow retirement savings

Learn how the powerful combination of benefits available with the Transamerica Secure Retirement Index Annuity II annuity can help someone prepare for retirement with confidence.

The S&P PRISM Factor Index was designed by S&P Dow Jones Indices exclusively for the Transamerica Secure Retirement Index II Annuity to apply academically proven techniques that aim to provide stable appreciation.
NYSE® Expanded Opportunities Index™
Building a long-term strategy intended to help someone take control of their financial future requires the right tools. That's why we offer strategies designed to give a policy value the chance to grow while still protecting it from negative market performance.
Designed exclusively for the Transamerica Secure Retirement Index Annuity II annuity by Morgan Stanley Investment Management, the NYSE® Expanded Opportunities™ Index is globally diversified across 13 asset classes to provide expanded opportunities for steady growth.
Transamerica Income Plus ®
An optional living benefit available for an additional fee with the Transamerica Secure Retirement Index Annuity II annuity that can provide added security and confidence. It offers a guaranteed income stream for life, plus the opportunity to grow that income stream during the first 10 living benefit years when no withdrawals are taken.

It is important to note that if you purchase the Transamerica Income Plus living benefit prior to age 50, the living benefit fee will still be charged even though lifetime income is not available until age 50.


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