No bells. No whistles. Just a get-down-to-business, no-frills strategy.

An investment-only strategy

A variable annuity with an investment-only strategy is like running barefoot instead of getting the super cushy shoe: There are fewer layers wrapped around you but also fewer fees.

Find the right fit.

If you choose a Transamerica variable annuity with an investment-only strategy, your financial professional can help you personalize it so you can find a fee structure and surrender charge schedule that work best for you.

Ask your financial professional for more information about Transamerica variable annuities with an investment-only strategy.

You can add more benefits to your annuity

Once you've chosen your preferred annuity type, you can also choose to add an additional benefit (for an extra fee). Here are a few of our most popular benefits.

Retirement Income Max®

This optional living benefit offers a higher growth rate than our other living benefits with the opportunity to double your withdrawal base in the first 10 years if no withdrawals are taken in a living benefit year during the 10-year period. The withdrawal base does not establish or guarantee policy value, surrender value, minimum death benefit, or return for an investment option.

Transamerica Income Edge

In rising markets, it gives you investment flexibility and automatically locks in your highest policy value on your living benefit anniversary.

Retirement Income Choice®1.6

Get stable lifetime income you’ll never outlive, plus the opportunity to let your withdrawal base grow – guaranteed, in up markets and down.

Additional Death Distribution+

Leave a legacy for your loved ones by choosing optional survivor benefits with your Transamerica variable annuity.

What else should I be asking?

Your financial professional can help you dive even deeper into Transamerica annuities, optional living benefits, optional survivor benefits, and more.