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Retirement Income Choice®1.6

A Transamerica variable annuity can help generate guaranteed retirement income, but why stop there?

The optional Retirement Income Choice 1.6 living benefit offers greater control and flexibility in the annuity's underlying investment options for a more tailored approach to retirement.

Get a reliable income stream, even if your policy value hits zero.

With more investment choices, you have greater control over what matters most to you.

Our groundbreaking Monthiversary℠ feature locks in investment gains when the markets perform well, and our growth feature allows your income to grow even when markets underperform. Working together, these two features offer growth-on-growth potential, regardless of what happens in the markets.


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Get your max

Retirement Income Max® is an option for those looking for more retirement income.

Get an edge
Transamerica Income Edge℠ offers investment flexibility and one of the higher withdrawal payout percentages in the industry.

Transamerica Variable Annuities

We offer a variety of selections to meet a variety of needs. Combine one with a living or death benefit to potentially grow income, take care of loved ones, and much more.

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Your financial professional can help you dive even deeper into Transamerica annuities, optional living benefits, optional survivor benefits, and more.

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