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Retirement Income Max® 1.2

A Transamerica variable annuity can help generate guaranteed income for a long, healthy retirement. But sometimes preparing for the future requires more – a lot more.

The optional Retirement Income Max 1.2 living benefit offers access to increased security through a competitive 5.00% compounding guaranteed growth rate, providing an increase of more than 60% over a 10-year deferral period.*

*Provided no withdrawals are taken in a living benefit year during the 10-year period.

The full scoop
In addition to the guaranteed income growth Retirement Income Max 1.2 offers, it can help you stay invested and potentially capitalize on market performance. For investors who want to know what to expect, Retirement Income Max 1.2 could be the right choice.
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Retirement Income Max 1.2 offers 5.00% annual compounding growth to the withdrawal base for each of the first 10 years the policy is owned.
That means the guaranteed retirement income that the withdrawal base generates can increase by almost 60% — as long as no withdrawals are taken — in those 10 years.

Income for life, and more

Live Life to the Max

Retirement is a time for living life on your terms. Retirement Income Max 1.2 gives retirees the benefit of knowing what to expect. Guaranteed growth for 10 years and guaranteed income for life means retirees can focus on living, not their annuity.

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