Double the withdrawal base in 10 years*

Retirement Income Max®

A Transamerica variable annuity can help generate guaranteed income for a long, healthy retirement. But sometimes preparing for the future requires more. A lot more.

The optional Retirement Income Max® living benefit provides an annual compounding growth rate for the withdrawal base during the first 10 years that make it possible to double that withdrawal base in 10 years.*

*Provided no withdrawals are taken in a living benefit year during the 10-year period.

Welcome to Retirement Income Max®, an optional living benefit available with a Transamerica variable annuity

Retirement Income Max offers 7.2% annual compounding growth to the withdrawal base for each of the first 10 years the policy is owned.

Yes, 7.2%.

That means the guaranteed retirement income that the withdrawal base generates can double — as long as no withdrawals are taken — in those 10 years.

The withdrawal and growth percentages and living benefit fees may change and the amounts listed herein may not be the most current rates. The most current percentages and living benefit fees are disclosed in the applicable Rate Sheet Prospectus Supplement, which may be amended by us from time to time. Please contact our administrative office to determine whether the rates above have been amended. You should not purchase this living benefit without first obtaining the applicable Rate Sheet Prospectus Supplement.
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Retirement Income Choice® 1.6 offers more flexibility in the underlying investment options of a Transamerica variable annuity.

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Transamerica Income Edge℠ offers investment flexibility and one of the higher withdrawal payout percentages in the industry.

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