Investment flexibility with lifetime income

Transamerica Income Edge

A Transamerica variable annuity can help generate guaranteed income for a long, healthy life, while optional living benefits can help take it one step further.

Just like the right suit can help a top swimmer go even faster, the optional Transamerica Income Edge living benefit can offer an extra layer of benefits on your Transamerica variable annuity. Transamerica Income Edge offers investment flexibility with lifetime income for the rest (and best) of life.

Tap into a broad investment lineup

Transamerica Income Edge is an optional living benefit available with a Transamerica variable annuity. It guarantees a steady, reliable income stream for life, even if the policy value falls to zero.

It also has one of the higher withdrawal payout percentages in the industry, depending on age, time invested, and step-ups.

It's designed to capitalize on up markets with the ability to invest in potentially high-growth stocks. A growth-focused investment strategy can lead to a larger income base, which you can then access for life using the payout percentages.

Get your max

Retirement Income Max® is an option for those looking for more retirement income.

Get more choices

Retirement Income Choice® 1.6 offers more flexibility in the underlying investment options of a Transamerica variable annuity.


Tailored to life

Unlock the unique power of this retirement strategy by making it work for particular needs. 

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What else should I be asking?

Your financial professional can help you dive even deeper into Transamerica annuities, optional living benefits, optional survivor benefits, and more.