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Variable universal life insurance
Life can get expensive. Put your hard-earned money to work by choosing investment options that align with your goals. Variable universal life (VUL) is designed for the twists and turns of life. Similar to universal life, it allows the policyholder to adjust premium payments or the death benefit as needed in order to meet their changing circumstances. If you're considering life insurance but want some control over how your premiums are allocated, VUL may be right for you.

What's variable universal life insurance?

Variable universal life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that provides death benefit protection and policy value growth potential.
With VUL you can invest net premiums into professionally managed account options with a wide range of asset types.
This exposure to underlying investments, in stock and bond subaccounts, offers the opportunity for cash value accumulation over time. Keep in mind that the policy owner bears the investment risk for the investment options, including the possible loss of principal.
There are fees and charges associated with variable universal life insurance that are not applicable to other types of policies.

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