Concierge Planning Rider,
Powered By Everest

Give more, get more, with FFIUL

The new Concierge Planning RiderSM (CPR), powered by Everest Funeral Concierge, is a first-of-its-kind bundle of funeral planning services and support, available to your Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL® (FFIUL) clients — current and prospective — at no additional cost.

Many of us protect our loved ones with life insurance, but some clients are looking for more than just a death benefit. Funeral planning is something no one looks forward to, yet it will impact nearly all of us. The costs can be staggering, both financially and emotionally, which is why we're offering a helping hand to your FFIUL clients when they need it most. 

Why a Concierge Planning Rider?

Even the most well-prepared clients can be sidelined by the funeral planning process, associated costs, and emotional toll. Here's how the CPR is designed to help. 

A helping hand when it's needed most

Our FFIUL with the Concierge Planning Rider provides ongoing support for all aspects of the funeral planning process. 

How to Get Started with Transamerica's
Concierge Planning Rider

We're proud to offer agents this industry-first index universal life rider to help set your business apart and provide more offerings to your clients. Get started with the tools and materials below. 

Resources, insight, and more

Contact Information

For rider or product questions call the Transamerica Sales Desk.
For questions on Everest and Everest services call 800-913-8318
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