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Managed Advice is a comprehensive retirement planning service using advanced research and technology to provide you with a personalized investment strategy that can help keep you on course to and through retirement.

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If you are currently using PortfolioXpress®, you will need to unsubscribe from that service in order to subscribe to Managed Advice.

You go to a doctor to maintain your health, so why not get professional help to support your wealth?

Here's what Managed Advice offers

When it comes to your health, getting a regular checkup or working with a professional trainer can help keep you on course for a healthier future. Managed Advice is powered by Morningstar Investment Management, an industry leader in investment research and retirement planning. Consider it your professional "retirement trainer" to help get you in shape for a wealthier retirement.

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Managed Advice uses information about you — some that's already in your Transamerica account and some that you provide in your Managed Advice profile — to create a portfolio designed specifically for your financial situation. Nothing "off the shelf" about it.

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Signing up for Managed Advice takes about five minutes. If you have questions about the subscription process or the service in general, you can speak with a Transamerica Investment Advisor Representative.

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How much does it cost?
Transamerica and your employer are providing this service for less than what you’d typically pay an independent financial advisor.1 The fee is no more than 0.45% annually, which comes to about 38 cents for every $1,000 in your account per month. For specific fee information, please log in to your account.

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