Transamerica Red Shoe Club, (RSC) is an exclusive club for the hardest working agents in Transamerica Agency Network.

Highlighting the important connection between Wealth + HealthSM sets you apart. Now it’s our turn to recognize you with an opportunity to earn a pair of custom red Nike shoes and other exclusive Red Shoe Club member benefits.

Member Benefits

Members of the 2020 Red Shoe Club receive a pair of their very own, custom-designed, Red Shoe Club Nike T20 kicks.

PLUS: VIP access to special events, Leaders Conference recognition, and exclusive Red Shoe Club merchandise

Red Shoe Club Leaderboard

Are you setting the pace? See where you stand on the Leaderboard. Step it up, we want to see your name on top!

Keep your eye on those red kicks! You’ve got this!



On your mark, get set… here’s what you need to qualify for the exclusive Red Shoe Club.

There are two opportunities to qualify in 2020. If you didn’t qualify in the 1st qualification period, don’t worry, qualifications reset and you have another chance to qualify. Qualification periods are:

Period 1: January 1 – June 30

Period 2: July 1 – December 31

Agents: Complete 3 of the 5 market expansion activities below

Associate Directors: team must complete 4 of the 5 below

Managing Directors: team must complete 5 of 5 below

  • Place any Transamerica Fixed Life Insurance policy (term, FFIUL, Whole life)
  • Place a Transamerica Health Insurance policy (Med sup, LTC Rider, DI Income, TA LTC policy)
  • Become registered and active with TFA (must maintain minimum TFA production requirements)
  • Enroll a Transamerica Employee Benefits case*
  • Place a Transamerica Fixed Annuity policy (TSRI I, TSRI II)

Additional details:

Rank in the top 70 agents, top 20 Associate Directors, top 10 Managing Directors

Agents and Directors will be ranked based on a point based system for fixed products placed (Note that TFA business is not included/counted).

Additional details:

1 placed policy = 1 point. All fixed products are weighted equally. Agents and Directors will be ranked based on cumulative point total for the qualification period. Meet the minimum core production requirement*

*Minimum core production requirement:

Agents: $25,000 personal placed core premium. Associate Directors: $125,000 of team placed core premium and positive core production growth. Managing Directors: $300,000 of team placed core premium and positive core production growth. Agents and Directors will only receive custom shoes once per calendar year. Membership is good for one year from qualification date. TEB Cases = 1 point per month when new TEB commissions are earned

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Contact Information

For more information, call the TAN sales desk at 410-223-4485.

It’s time to get moving in style… with the RED SHOE CLUB.