Responsible Investing

A growing interest

Investors today are demanding more. It’s no longer just about the returns they generate. It’s also about the good their money can do. They want to live in a sustainable world, one where responsible investing embraces assets that consider their values and account for a much bigger picture.

That's why it's no surprise that by 2025, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) funds are expected to comprise half of all professionally managed investments.1

Responsible investing: See the big picture


The Investor First approach

The responsible investing strategies we offer must adhere to our Investor FirstSM process, which includes the four steps Transamerica Asset Management, Inc., uses to screen money managers.
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Quantitative Analysis

We apply quantitative metrics to identify strategies delivering competitive returns, style consistency, and sound risk mitigation.
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Qualitative Analysis

With a forward-looking approach, we analyze the manager's investment philosophy, portfolio construction process, organizational structure, and responsible investing process.
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Investment Manager Recommendation

Through an objective, evidence-based, and collaborative process, these quantitative and qualitative analyses are combined to form a recommendation that is vetted by our Investment and Investment Risk committees.
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Continuous Monitoring

Fund managers are continuously monitored on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis for investment performance, adherence to style and responsible investing framework, compliance with objectives, and other important criteria. Managers not meeting expectations are subject to replacement.

Invest in a more sustainable world

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The four categories

Responsible investment strategies seek to construct portfolios that emphasize ESG considerations. We segment these strategies into four primary categories.
Transamerica's diversified fund lineup can help tailor portfolios to meet specific goals. 

Transamerica Responsible Investing Funds

Designed to contribute to a more sustainable future while seeking to generate favorable long-term returns.

Living well tomorrow starts with the habits we practice today.

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