White Paper on Payroll Integration for Retirement Plans

Transamerica announces the availability of a new white paper focused on helping retirement plan sponsors understand their payroll integration options. Sponsors can look to retirement plan providers to help manage risks and create efficiencies in their retirement plans.

The white paper discusses payroll integration options for employer-sponsored retirement plans and compares advantages and disadvantages. It also covers how sponsors can select a retirement plan provider and evaluate whether the provider is equipped to give employers the professional and technical support needed to ensure a successful onboarding of the retirement plan.

Key topics highlighted in the white paper include:

  • Definitions of payroll integration technology
  • How the payroll process works for retirement plans
  • How to select the right payroll solution for a plan sponsor’s needs
  • How sponsors can evaluate a recordkeeper’s payroll integration capability

Transamerica’s white paper also offers best practices for employers to consider throughout the evaluation and implementation process for retirement plans.

The white paper is available online for retirement plan sponsors and their financial professionals.

If plan sponsors would like to contact us with questions regarding payroll integration, Transamerica’s team of consultants are ready to help navigate their specific situation. Transamerica retirement plan specialists are available at (888) 401-8526, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.