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Revised May 14th, 2018


This Notice is provided to you by the Transamerica companies listed at the end of this Notice. We value our customers and your trust in us, especially when you share your personal information with us. We understand that the privacy and security of that personal information is important to you. We call this information “data”. This Notice describes the data we collect and how we use, share and protect such data. The types of data we collect and share depend on the type of product or service you have with us. Also, Transamerica websites’ and applications’ Terms of Use and Privacy Statements provide additional detail on the treatment and handling of data when interacting with these sites or applications. If your relationship with us ends, we will continue to handle your data in accordance with this Notice.

Data That We Collect: 

We collect the following types of data:

DataTypical Data Sources
• Name, email and physical address, age, social security and driver’s license numbers, employment, financial and health data and history.• You directly, when you submit applications and forms and engage in communications with us
• Employers, healthcare providers, other insurance companies and other authorized entities

• Data about your transactions with us. Data about your transactions with unaffiliated third parties (“Third Parties”) that is shared with Transamerica. Transactional data collected as part of your interaction with Transamerica or provided by Third Parties can include, but is not limited to, account balances, accrued benefits, coverages, premiums, payment and claims history, financial transactions, and medical or health data.

• Our affiliates (companies under common ownership)
• Third Parties
• Transamerica’s websites, digital platforms, and applications
• Assistive technologies, mobile or wearable devices, or other similar technology

• Credit history, employment information and other information about your creditworthiness, medical care and health.

• Consumer reporting agencies and other service providers we use
• Your employers, healthcare providers, other insurance companies and other authorized entities

• Data about products and services you obtain or in which you might be interested.

• You
• Third Parties with whom we have joint marketing arrangements
• Other Third Parties as allowed

• Data you provide to Third Parties when you have authorized the Third Party to share such data with other parties. This includes data collected through Third Party applications, websites, or other digital interfaces, data you share with us, data you have authorized us to receive, or data you have authorized Third Parties to share with us.

• Third Party applications, websites, or other digital interfaces where you have agreed to share your data
• Assistive technologies, mobile or wearable devices, or other similar technology

How We Use Your Data: 

We use data for purposes allowed by law, this includes use authorized by you. For example, we may use your data to:

• Process claims and transactions,
• Maintain your accounts,

• Research, develop, provide and market products and services,
• Comply with applicable laws,

• Prevent and prosecute fraud or criminal activities,
• Maintain, operate, and market our business, or

• Support online customer experiences, digital platforms, and/or applications you elect to participate in

Sharing Data: 

We may share your data with Third Parties and affiliates as permitted or required by law, or when you authorize us to do so. In certain situations, our ability to share information is limited by other restrictions, such as certain contractual agreements with plan sponsors or similar arrangements. We will honor those restrictions to the extent they conflict with the terms of this Notice. 

We may also share your data with Third Parties in certain circumstances, such as:


• Those who provide services to support our business, including processing claims, account maintenance, and marketing and sales,

• Credit bureaus,

• Insurance regulators, law enforcement, governmental authorities and other Third Parties in response to legal process or as required by law,

• Health care professionals, including to verify coverage or to provide information relating to a medical condition,

• Governmental agencies so they can decide if you are eligible for public benefits,

• Other financial companies in connection with joint marketing efforts,

• Other insurance companies (including successor insurers), agents and insurance support organizations to coordinate your benefits or in connection with insurance transactions involving you,

• Group policyholders, for example, regarding claims experience or to support service audits,

• Certificate or policyholders regarding the status of an insurance transaction, 

• Those who have a legal or beneficial interest in your assets (such as creditors with a lien on your account),  

• Your employer or plan sponsor as needed to support the administration of employee accounts (but only as permitted by law and only if you have established an account in connection with your employer),

• Your representatives and lawyers,

• To prevent and prosecute fraud or criminal activities,

• To conduct actuarial or research studies, and

• In connection with the sale or merger of all or part of our business 

Our affiliates include a broad range of companies who provide financial services. These include insurance companies and agencies, and investment advisors. They also include agencies and broker/dealers who may not be included in the scope of this Notice. If we serve you through one of these professionals not covered under the Notice, you may contact them directly for information regarding their privacy practices. Specific contact information for these professionals can be found on your statements and other correspondence from them. We do not share information about your creditworthiness among our affiliates. The Transamerica affiliated companies with whom we may share your other information may include our companies with a Transamerica or Stonebridge name.

For example, we may share your data with our affiliates:

• For their everyday business purposes;

• So they can tell you about products and services they offer;

• So they can determine which of their products and services may be of interest to you;

• So they can provide various services to us to support our business, such as claims processing, maintaining your account, and marketing products and services to you; or 

• So they can audit themselves or their agents

Your Choice to Limit Marketing by Transamerica Affiliates: You may limit our affiliates’ use of certain types of data to market their own products and services to you (“Opt Out”). To do this, choose one of the Opt Out methods set forth below. This data relates to your transactions and experiences with us. For example, this may include the products you own and your account history. Your choice to limit marketing offers from our affiliates will apply for at least 5 years from when you Opt Out. Once that period expires, we will send you a renewal Notice. That renewal Notice will allow you to continue to limit marketing offers from our affiliates for at least another 5 years. If you have already Opted Out of marketing offers from our affiliates, you do not need to Opt Out again until you receive a renewal Notice. If you hold a policy or account jointly with someone else, your Opt Out elections will apply to everyone on the account. When you are no longer our customer, we will continue to share your data as described in this Notice (including your Opt Out, if applicable). However, you may contact us at any time to elect to Opt Out. 

To Opt Out: 

To limit our sharing of data with affiliates for marketing by affiliates as described above, you may:

• Call us at 877-257-4690 and our menu will prompt you through your choice(s), or

• Visit us online at

Your Right of Access and Correction: 

You have a right of access and correction with respect to data we collect except data that relates to and is collected in connection with a claim or criminal or civil lawsuit involving you. You must make your request to us in writing listing the account or policy numbers with the data you are requesting to access. If you tell us of an error in the data, we will review it and if we agree, we will correct our records. If we don’t agree, you may dispute our findings in writing and send your statement to us. We will include your statement whenever we provide your disputed information to anyone outside Transamerica. This is a summary of your rights. For a copy of our more detailed Notice of Insurance Information Practices as applicable to your product or service, please send a written request to 6400 C St. SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52499-0001.

Protecting Your Data: 

We maintain appropriate controls to limit access to data to persons who need access to it in order to do their jobs or to provide products and services to you. We train our workforce in the proper handling of data. In addition, we maintain other physical, technical, and administrative or procedural safeguards to protect your data.

Other Privacy Protections for Vermont Residents only. We will not share data we collect about you with Third Parties, except as permitted by Vermont law or authorized by you. We may still share data about our transactions or experiences with you with our affiliates. For California Residents only. If you are a California resident, you will receive a separate notice with additional choices. 

We may revise this Notice. If we make material changes, we will notify you as required by law. This Notice is provided by the following Transamerica companies and any separate accounts established for products they offer:

Transamerica Advisors Life Insurance Company Transamerica Capital, Inc

Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company

Transamerica Investors Securities Corporation Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company Transamerica Retirement Advisors, LLC

Transamerica Retirement Solutions, LLC Stonebridge Benefit Services, Inc

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about this Online Privacy Statement, or if you would like us to update information we have about you or your preferences, please contact us by email at

For the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices, click here.

For the GLBA Notice of Privacy Practices, click here.

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