A Holistic Approach

At Transamerica, we're revolutionizing retirement and benefits planning by taking an integrated approach that accounts for both financial and physical well-being.

Working with the most respected leaders in workplace wellness, we want to help people live well today and prepare for a secure tomorrow.

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How Health Impacts Financial Well-being

$424,635 is the average amount a healthy 65-year old couple retiring today can expect to pay for healthcare.1

In 2020, the average annual cost for an employee buying family healthcare coverage was over $5,500 and likely to increase every year.2

Why heart health matters

Cardiovascular disease, which will affect nearly 50% of all adults in America at some point in their lives,3 is the most expensive disease.4

With the right planning 80% of these conditions are preventable.5

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Why We're Collaborating with the American Heart Association®

To meaningfully deliver on our holistic approach to your financial future, we're working hand in hand with the AHA, the leader in heart health, disease management, and workplace wellness.

Transamerica's integrated, personalized Wealth + HealthSM program promotes healthy living and provides a realistic path toward your personal goals, which can drive plan differentiation, engagement, and savings.


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At Transamerica, we have a proven track record of designing retirement and benefit plans that meet the evolving needs of our clients and their workforces. With more than 85 years of experience as industry leaders, we know when to rely on our expertise — and when to call on trusted partners. We work with highly respected organizations to design forward-thinking retirement and benefit strategies that have an immediate and enduring impact.

The American Heart Association®

As the leading experts on heart health and associated chronic conditions, the AHA is an invaluable collaborator in our broader financial planning approach. They’ve invested more than $4.5 billion in research, which is the foundation of all their disease management programs. These trusted solutions are personalized to meet a diverse set of needs and deliver meaningful results for every audience who uses them.

Transamerica is a proud sponsor of the work of the American Heart Association®.

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