Make a Difference

Be a part of an industry that provides a service that matters.

While there are many noble professions, as a financial services professional you can help people that desperately need your services. These are some of the top issues facing Americans today:

  • Too much debt. The average U.S. family has more than $59,000 in debt1
  • Not enough savings. 69 percent of people have less than $1,000 in savings2
  • Lack of protection. 48 percent do not own life insurance3
  • Retirement. Forty-eight percent of workers believe they don't make enough money to adequately save for retirement4

These problems can lead to stress and frustration. Although most people know that they are facing these issues, they don’t know how to fix them. That’s where you, as a trained and licensed financial professional, can make a difference.

Make a Difference: Shifting Retirement Responsibility

In addition to financial issues people face, there has been a shift of responsibility for a person’s retirement income: from the government and employers to the individual.

The old, three-legged stool model of traditional retirement allowed retirees to often enjoy a combination of a company pension, Social Security and personal savings.  In 2019, just 16 percent of fortune 500 companies offer a pension and solely relying on social security is not a smart option as the fund is currently only funded through 2034 and changes are needed to help fund it for future generations.5

Most Americans look forward to retirement, but right now there is a lot of uncertainty if they will be able to enjoy their golden years.