Accessibility Statement

Transamerica is committed to providing a website that is accessible to its customers and visitors.

We aim to comply with Level AA of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We are continually making improvements to meet these guidelines, and our website has been designed with accessibility guidelines in mind. Features that should increase our site’s accessibility include the following:

Alternative text (alt-text)

This is text that appears when images either can’t load or the user cannot see them (i.e., when using a screen reader). This text serves to describe the image.

Limited use of color

We try to restrict our color to decorative purposes, and do not relay information exclusively through color. Nonetheless, if you choose, you can use your web browser options to choose your own colors. How you do this will depend on which browser you are using:

• In Internet Explorer: select Tools > Internet Options > General > Colors. 

• In Mozilla Firefox: select Tools > Options > Content > Colors. 

• In Opera: select Tools > Preferences > Fonts and Page Style. 

• In Safari: select Safari > Preferences > Appearance.

PDF documents

Many of the documents on this site are in PDF format. If you do not already have a screen reader on your computer that allows you to open these documents, there are several free versions available on line. The most common one is Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free on the Adobe website. Adobe also offers a free online tool for converting PDF documents to HTML or text.

If you would like more information about PDF accessibility, see the Adobe website accessibility section. For more help with Acrobat files generally and a link to download Acrobat Reader see the site help page.

Variable font size

In most browsers, you can easily increase of decrease the size of the text. How you do this will depend on what kind of computer you have.

• PC users should hold down the control key (CTRL) and then press “+” for larger text, “-” for smaller text or the number “0” to return to the text’s original size.

Action            Keyboard combination

Bigger text     CTRL + +

Smaller text   CTRL + -

Reset size      CTRL + 0

• MAC users should hold down the command key (“command” or “CMD”) and then press “+” for larger text, “-” for smaller text or the number “0” to return to the text’s original size.

Action             Keyboard combination

Bigger text      CMD + +

Smaller text    CMD + -

Reset size       CMD + 0

Variable screen resolution

An alternative to changing the font size, as described above, is to change the resolution of the entire screen. Again, the process will depend on which sort of computer you are using:

• PC users should select Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings. 

• MAC users should select System Preferences > Displays > Resolution.

While we strive to adhere to accepted guidelines and standards for accessibility and usability, there are still some areas of the website that we hope to improve.

In particular, the website occasionally provides enhanced features via JavaScript, which is not yet as accessible as it could be. We are working to provide equivalent functionality for users who are not able to use JavaScript.


If you have difficulty accessing the site or have any comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.