Legacy protection

Preparing today can help keep a legacy intact

Foreign nationals who regularly visit, do business, or own property in the United States may be unaware of the potential estate tax exposure they may face. Our life insurance solutions can help address this very issue.

Transamerica understands this select customer

  • We have over 100 years in the insurance business, 25 of those in the foreign nationals market.
  • We were one of the first to focus on international underwriting with a dedicated team available to discuss cases.
  • Policyholders get the option of term and permanent life insurance that they won't find with many other carriers.
  • Qualified residents of A and B countries are eligible for our best risk classes.

Key program highlights

Preparing today can help keep a legacy intact tomorrow


  • Up to best class for A and B countries
  • D countries considered at standard class
  • E countries considered when the client has been in the U.S. >5 years
  • Available to qualified residents of 47 countries
  • A clear definition of required U.S. ties


  • Transamerica Financial Choice IUL® (FCIUL), Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL® (FFIUL), Trendsetter® Super (excludes Trendsetter® LB), and Transamerica Lifetime 

  • A/B/C country retention* and auto-bind limits (the “auto-issue” limits) are $25 million/$20 million/$7 million within a $35 million Jumbo Limit*

Face Amount Minimums:

All product minimums are noted below, unless Minimum No Lapse Premium/Paid Annual premium equals $5,000 or greater.

  • FCIUL: $250,000
  • FFIUL: $250,000
  • Trendsetter Super: $1,000,000
  • Transamerica Lifetime: $250,000


Multi-Applicant "Eligible Group" Scenarios

The MNLP can be met on multi-applicant (husband/wife; immediate families; business partners, etc.) “eligible group” scenarios as long as at least one applicant in the group meets the basic minimum. The “eligible group” to be considered must be clearly stated by the agent at time of submission(s). An “eligible group” must demonstrate an obvious, common relationship between/among the applicants (“same agent”/”same agency” cannot be one of the criterion). Bulk submission of otherwise unrelated cases also cannot be used to meet the minimums established herein. Underwriting reserves sole discretion to judge the validity of an “eligible group.”


  • Minimum global net worth = $1 million (USD)
  • Third-party financials over $3 million death benefit
  • Inspection reports over $10 million death benefit

* For Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, the maximum face amount is limited to internal retention amounts only.

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