Code of Conduct

The Aegon Code of Conduct establishes clear rules and guidelines for ensuring non-discrimination in the workplace; detecting and tackling fraud, money laundering and corruption; respecting the environment and promoting greater environmental responsibility; ensuring clear, accurate and timely disclosure of financial and other information; protecting free and open competition; and ensuring confidentiality of information and data supplied by customers, shareholders, business partners and employees.

At Transamerica we expect reporting of suspicious or unlawful activity, unethical conduct, threats to the public interest or infringement of Aegon’s Code of Conduct. Transamerica’s SHARE Helpline provides a channel for both employees and the public to report suspected violations. SHARE can be reached through email at, via telephone at 1-866-263-7787 or through mail addressed to: SHARE, MS 2530, 6400 C Street SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52499.​