Teaming up for a better future

We’re better off when we work together and pursue what drives us. That’s why we partner with research-driven organizations that are leaders in their fields. It’s also why we champion active lifestyles through professional golf sponsorships.

"Never before has there been as much connected, intergenerational decision-making navigating education, career transitions, estate planning, caregiving, housing, legacy, wealth transfer, and so much more."

Dr. Joseph Coughlin, Director, MIT Agelab

Our research partnerships

We work closely with organizations like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Transamerica Institute® to tap into the latest learnings and science affecting people’s finances and health. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab

Longer retirements mean more careful planning. Our work with MIT AgeLab helps customers better understand the challenges and opportunities of longevity and how they might factor into their future. Our collaboration includes a focus on caregiving and its financial impact.

Transamerica Institute®

This nonprofit, private foundation is dedicated to researching and educating the public about health and wellness, employment financial literacy, longevity, and retirement.

Our pro golf sponsorships

Athletes remind us of the amazing things we can do when we prioritize our passions. So we’re proud to support golfers who share our commitment to healthy futures by sponsoring members of the PGA and LPGA.

“To have the privilege to lead 12 of the greatest U.S. players at the 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome is something I look forward to with immense excitement, pride, and gratitude. I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of cool things in the game of golf, all of which have been alongside Transamerica.”

—Zach Johnson

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