Living life on her terms

Athletes remind us of the amazing things we can do when we prioritize our passions. As a professional golfer in the LPGA, Azahara Muñoz knows the focus and determination it takes to manage a challenging career. As a two-time Olympian and new mother, she also knows what it takes to live her best life. Transamerica has been a proud sponsor of Aza since 2012.

"Setting up a successful business requires many qualities — having a vision and a plan, being focused and determined and having the ability to execute day in, day out. Clearly life changes, but successful business people generally recognize and embrace change. Adapting to change and actually using change as a motivation to become even more successful is something I’m really looking forward to.”

— Azahara Muñoz

“I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but I also wanted to make sure we were financially stable and able to provide for our child. If something were to happen and I could not play anymore, I knew we had the security and [would] not have to worry about our financial situation.”

— Azahara Muñoz

Who we are

Our products and services are designed to meet people on their terms.

So, no matter where someone is on their journey, we can help them develop the freedom and confidence to live the life they want.


Working with others

We tap into the latest research by working with organizations like MIT AgeLab, and champion active lifestyles by sponsoring pro golfers like Zach Johnson.

Committed to positive change

When it comes to our employees, our customers, and our communities, we’re dedicated to making a difference for the better.

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People are living longer, and we’re excited by the opportunities this brings. That’s why we’re here to help people live their best lives.