Compensation Disclosure

Our insurance companies compensate persons or entities for the sale and service of the various insurance products sold. In the discussion below we refer to these persons or entities as 'producers'.

Generally, producers are paid a commission, which is fixed or based on a percentage of the premium written. In addition, producers may be eligible for various forms of incentive compensation, including contingent compensation such as trips, bonuses and prizes.

The availability and amount of incentive compensation may be based on a number of factors, including the level of premium written, persistency, overall profitability, or other performance measures established by the Company.

We are committed to fully complying with all laws pertaining to the disclosure of producer compensation, and our producers are required to abide by all applicable laws relating to compensation disclosure.

The laws of several states require producers to provide compensation information to customers under certain circumstances. In other states, the insurer or producer may not be required to provide this information. If you have questions about compensation or other issues related to your policy please contact your producer. For variable life insurance and variable annuity products please consult your prospectus and Statement of Additional Information.