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Today’s clients want the potential to capture upside investment growth with protection against downward market movements. But low risk investing like deposit accounts have offered historically low yields for a decade, leaving investors with few options outside of equity markets. Annuities can help. An annuity is a long-term product designed for retirement purposes, and their many benefits — especially with the addition of an optional rider — can make them an important part of any financial strategy.


Principal protection


Strategic growth opportunities


Tax-deferred growth


Guaranteed lifetime income

Variable Annuities

Variable annuities with Transamerica Principal Optimizer℠

Guaranteed income products like variable annuities can help take some of the guesswork out of saving for retirement. Adding a optional rider can take it one step further, guaranteeing a steady, reliable income stream for life. The following are some additional benefits of an annuity with Transamerica Principal Optimizer℠.


Get 100% protection of principal and earnings growth from negative market returns on the 10-year offering (and 90% protection of principal and earnings growth on the seven-year product.)

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Growth Potential

Policy value growth is uncapped, no matter how much growth occurs. You also have the option to reset the guaranteed future value and lock in investment growth (if an optional reset is elected, the waiting period will also reset.)


Choose from more than 70 diverse investment options (varying by product) from well-known managers with the potential to increase withdrawal base when investments perform well.

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Annuity owners are more confident

Sixty-nine percent of those who own an annuity agree they won’t outlive their savings by age 90 compared to 57% for those who don’t own an annuity.*

You should consider a variable annuity’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. Go to for prospectuses containing this and other information. Read it carefully.


All guarantees, including optional benefits, are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

The current annual fee for Transamerica Principal Optimizer is 1.35%. The rider fee is deducted each benefit quarter in arrears as a percentage of the greater of the Withdrawal Base or the Guaranteed Future Value. The fee will be deducted on a pro rata basis from the Select and Flexible Options at the end of each living benefit and only deducted from the Stable Account if the other options are exhausted. For New York only, once the Select and Flexible Investment Options are exhausted, no rider fee will be deducted. The fee can increase beginning the 1st rider anniversary upon an Optional Reset or an automatic step-up occurs but never be greater than 2.50%.

The withdrawal and protection level percentages and living benefit fees along with required allocations, valuation frequency, and minimum benefit age listed within may change and may not be the most current. The most current information is disclosed in the applicable Rate Sheet Prospectus Supplement, which may be amended by us from time to time. Please contact our administrative office to determine whether the information above has been amended. You should not purchase this living benefit without first obtaining the applicable Rate Sheet Prospectus Supplement.

Transamerica variable annuities’ range of fees and charges include 0.20%–1.50% M&E&A, 0%–8% surrender charges, current $35 and maximum $50 annual service charge, and investment option management fees. A fund facilitation fee of up to 0.60% annually may apply for certain investment options.

All policies, riders, and forms may vary by state and may not be available in all states. ICC19 TRGL22IC-R0319(IS), ICC19 TRGL22IC-R0319(IJ), TRGL22FL-R0319(IS), TRGL22FL-R0319(IJ), FRGL22NY-R0319(IS), FRGL22NY-R0319(IJ)