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Field Guide to Medicare

Help clients make the most of their Medicare benefits while managing healthcare costs.

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Tips For Working With Clients Of Any Generation

Discover how to address the unique intergenerational planning needs of your clients and their heirs.

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Estate Planning Essentials

Get this go-to guide for estate planning basics featuring actionable concepts and strategies

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The Advanced Markets Group provides a wealth of knowledge from distinguished industry professionals, representing a variety of industries. We understand the challenges you face in today’s economic environment, and we’re committed to providing you with guidance on complex retirement, estate, and tax strategies.

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The Advanced Markets Group is here to help you build your value in today's evolving marketplace.

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  • Retirement strategies
  • Estate preservation
  • Tax strategies
  • Transferring wealth
  • Trust funding
  • IRAs
  • Charitable strategies
  • Gifting
  • Small business retirement plans
  • Social Security basics

Resource library

From tax strategies to year-end planning, we’re pleased to share a rich library of resources to help strengthen your business.

Estate planning

An in-depth look at legacy and estate planning, including guides to guardianship, powers of attorney, and advance health care directives.

A Lasting Legacy - Wealth Transfer Using Nonqualified Annuities
Beneficiary Review Worksheet
Transamerica's Guide to Estate Planning
Transamerica's Guide to Guardianship, POA & Advance Health Care Directives

Small business retirement plans

Retirement plans aren’t one-size-fits-all. Small business owners need a plan tailored to their specific needs and workforce – here’s how you can help.

Guide to Small Business Retirement Plans

Tax resources

You can make tax time less taxing for clients. Stay on top of the ever-changing landscape with updated forms, rules, and guidance for 2018.

Guide to Form 1040
Income Tax Implications of Life Insurance Living Benefits
Tax Facts at a Glance
Navigating the Federal Tax Landscape

Annuity strategies

Whether it’s legacy planning, tax deferral, or securing a reliable income stream in retirement, make sure your clients understand the ins and outs of annuities.

Guide to Titling Annuitant-Driven Contracts
Using Annuities Within Trusts
Annuities and Required Minimum Distributions
Investment-Only Strategy

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