Improving the Employee Benefits Experience

Our comprehensive suite of employee benefits solutions is based on 90 years of excellence in the industry. We’re dedicated to continuously improving the experience of your clients and their employees through education, utilization, and more.

Comprehensive Suite of Benefits

We offer employer-paid benefits as well as group supplemental health, disability, and life insurance. We can also help employers identify the needs of their employees through our exclusive benefit analysis report.

Continuously Improving the Experience

Our commitment to ongoing improvement is the driving force behind our technological investments and our Leading Producer Group program. It’s also why we're dedicated to making enrollment easier, and why we host stewardship meetings to ensure employee utilization.

Customer Advocacy for Employees

We believe customer advocacy is key when it comes to employee benefits. That’s why we offer a user-friendly employee portal, a simplified claims experience, and educational materials that teach them about the benefits available to them.

Employee Benefits Portals

We’re investing in technology to help our brokers quickly get the benefit information and tools they need to better sell, understand, and use Transamerica products and benefits.  

Producer Portal

Our enhanced producer portal provides even more options, including access from your mobile device. Present summary and line-item details at the producer level, including commission split information, and download and export commissions reports. With the right permissions, you can even submit claims and view the payroll center for specific groups. 

Employer Portal

Our new employer portal, now also available on mobile devices, provides a seamless transition to the tools they’ll need. The redesign includes five options for managing billing and expanded search capabilities when looking up and reconciling bills. 

Employee Portal

Our updated employee portal makes it even easier for employees to view and manage their benefits. The new mobile-friendly interface empowers employees to take control of their claims by walking them through the process step by step, let’s them start a claim and complete the filing process at their convenience, and features a claim status tracker once it’s submitted.

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Leading Producer Group

We not only support you in your efforts to help your clients, but we also reward your hard work and want to ensure your continued success. That’s why when you qualify for our Leading Producer Group (LPG) membership, Transamerica Employee Benefits provides additional benefits like our LPG Convention, interest forgiveness on advances, our Producer Stock Purchase Plan, and our New Group Marketing Allowance.

Those who achieve LPG Elite status are eligible for these benefits and more, including reimbursement of non-resident license and appointment fees and an annual marketing allowance. Learn how you can become part of this prestigious group.

Contact your representative to learn more.

Easy Enrollment

We’re delivering a better enrollment experience that’s faster, easier, and customized for your clients.  

We don’t have a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and we tailor the process to meet your clients’ needs. Hire an enrollment firm, use our proprietary systems, or take advantage of our universal file — anything to make your job easier. 



We’re committed to providing a best-in-class process that’s streamlined and simple, so you can keep doing more business. We work to meet your needs — not the other way around.


Platform Flexibility 

We know your benefit administration platforms can vary widely — from the simplest to the most sophisticated. That’s why we offer flexible, seamless integration, regardless of the platform. 



We’re leaders in making billing easier, faster, and more accurate for you via one combined bill. 

Just tell us how many people are insured and the total premium remitted by product, and we apply those funds to the group. 

Dedicated Teams

Our team of experienced professionals tailor the onboarding experience to your clients’ organization’s needs with an easy, step-by-step approach. The same team will also support them in building product awareness and enrollment.

Resources for Your Clients

We work with you to help arm employers with solutions, teams, and materials so they can deliver the most comprehensive benefits possible to their employees.  


Stewardship Meetings and Utilization

The success of a comprehensive benefits package can only be achieved when employees recognize the need for the benefits being offered and use them when needed. Together, we’ll review experience data to ensure that objectives and needs are continuously being met.

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