More Than Protection

Needs Analysis

To help clients take full advantage of life insurance as a comprehensive tool, it is necessary to truly understand their needs. These two resources can help you and your client get on the same page. 

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How Much Coverage?

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy. Use this resource to help your clients find the appropriate amount of coverage for their unique circumstances.  

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Needs Analysis Worksheet

There are many factors in play when determining coverage needs. The first step is ensuring all the relevant considerations are accounted for.

Cash Value Accumulation

Cash value policies offer tax-diversification benefits, growth potential, and may even offer downside protection.​ Additionally, loans from cash value can be put toward education and retirement planning​.

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Personal Accumulation Strategy

A personal plan using life insurance can give clients and their families freedom to access tax-free cash value to use however they wish.

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Education Planning

Permanent policies offer flexible, tax-advantaged access to policy values to help pay for educational expenses and do not count against eligibility for financial aid.

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Asset Class

Permanent cash value life insurance can be leveraged as part of a comprehensive overall investment management strategy to address the uncertainties of the financial markets. 

Supplemental Retirement Income

Cash value from life insurance shouldn't be overlooked as a potential means for supplementing gaps in retirement income. Not only can loans be taken from cash value policies — they can provide a steady stream of income when you retire.​ ​ 

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Tax Advantages

Life insurance can play a contributive role in mitigating an overall tax burden.

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Retirement Savings

This checklist will help your clients take inventory, identify needs, and address considerations for their retirement income plan. 

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Retirement Budgeting

Retirement income gap is one of the most important numbers to keep in mind as your clients plan for life after retirement. Take the first step in creating a strategy by using this worksheet to estimate monthly retirement expenses.

Estate Planning

Estate planning isn't just for the wealthy. The death benefit can be used to help cover estate and inheritance taxes, act as an important funding vehicle for long term care and trusts, and can even be used in charitable planning.

Advanced Markets Tax Implications of Life Insurance Living Benefits thumb

Life Insurance Living Benefits

Healthcare costs and lost wages as a result of illness or injury can have a major financial impact. Here are some of the potential tax implications with regard to qualifying health events and policy ownership.

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Life Insurance and Trusts

Trusts are a common tool in estate planning. This guide overviews common trusts and the application of life insurance within trusts.

Advanced Markets Guide to Estate Planning thumb

Estate Planning

This resource provides a comprehensive overview of basic estate planning needs. This guide can help provide answers to many estate planning questions.

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Beneficiary Worksheet

Beneficiary designations need to be kept up to date with life changes. This worksheet can help with a beneficiary designation review or to keep designations current.

Any Questions?

Helping your clients see the full potential of life insurance can open a world of possibilities — both for their overall financial strategy and for your business. Call your sales desk today for help in putting these strategies to work for your clients.