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Legacy Annuities

For non-active professionals (no new business since 2017 or prior): View details on your Transamerica annuity policies.

Agent + Advisor Portal

View and manage your annuity book of business within a secure, easy-to-use website.

Life Insurance

Manage your In force Term, Final Expense, Index Universal Life, Whole Life, and Transamerica Medicare business. Submit applications electronically with iGO e-App®, and download or order sales literature.

Insurance: Long Term Care (LTC)

Manage your long term care business, and more.

Mutual Funds: DST

Manage your business with mutual funds DST.

Retirement - Small Organization

You represent a Small Organization OR you previously logged in through ta-retirement.com.

Retirement - Large Organization

You represent a Large Organization OR you previously logged in through trsretire.com.

Employee Benefits

Manage your employee benefits business, view accounts, access business tools, and more.