White Paper from Transamerica Offers Insights on Evaluating General Account Stable Value Options

May 30, 2023

Transamerica, a leading financial services company, has released a new white paper for financial
advisors and employers. The white paper, "Evaluating General Account Stable Value Options in
Retirement Plans," provides valuable insights about using stable value options in workplace retirement

In this comprehensive guide, financial advisors and employers will learn about the different structures of
stable value options, the importance of evaluating the issuer's financial strength, and critical contract
considerations. The paper highlights the fiduciary concerns associated with stable value and emphasizes
the importance of regular evaluations to ensure that the investment aligns with the goals and objectives
of the retirement plan.

The white paper provides a detailed analysis of varying contract features such as crediting rates,
termination provisions, market value adjustments, and more. By reading this guide, financial advisors
and employers will better understand how to thoroughly evaluate general account stable value options.
Whether the retirement plan sponsor or advisor is looking to diversify the plan’s asset allocation or
protect a portion of participants’ retirement funds, this guide offers support in making informed
investment decisions.

Click here to access the white paper.


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